Research Papers:

International Trade

Trade Theory

The Structure of Simple General Equilibrium Models   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Jones, R.W. (1965)

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to analyze the structue of the simple competitive model of production in a manner designed to highlight both the dual relationship and the similarity that exists among a number of traditional problems in comparative statics and economic growth.

Comparative Advantage, Trade, and Payments in a Ricardian Model with a Continuum of Goods   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Dornbusch, R., S. Fischer & P.A. Samuelson (1977)

Abstract: This paper discusses Ricardian trade and payments theory in the case of a continuum of goods. The analysis thus extends the development of many-commodity, two-country comparative advantage analysis. Perhaps surprisingly, the continuum assumption simplifies the analysis neatly in comparison with the discrete many-commodity case.

Short-Run Capital Specificity and the Pure Theory of International Trade   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Neary, J.P. (1978)

Abstract: The aim of this article is threefold. First, it presents a new diagrammatic technique to illustrate the short-run capital specificaity adjustment process in a small open economy. Second, the implications of the short-run capital specificity adjustment process are examined in the context of an open economy with pre-existing factor market distortions. The third aim of the paper is to point out the central role of the asumption of intersectoral capital mobility in international trade theory.

Scale Economies, Product Differentiation, and the Pattern of Trade   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Krugman, P.R. (1980)

Abstract: The basic model of this paper is one in which there are economies of scale in production and firms can costlessly differentiate their products. In this model, which is derived from recent work by Dixit and Stiglitz, equilibrium takes the form of Chamberlinian monopolistic competition. When two imperfectly competitive economies of this kind are allowed to trade, increasing returns produce trade and gains from trade even if the economies have identical tastes, technology, and factor endowments.

Decreasing Costs in International Trade and Frank Graham's Argument for Protection   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Ethier, W.J. (1982)

Abstract: Over half a century ago Frank Graham argued that decreasing costs could justify protection. Although this contention stimulated a large literature, a correct analysis has never been made. The present paper attempts to fill this gap. It is shown that a greater degree of increasing returns actually reduces its likelihood. Furthermore, increasing returns yield a positive analysis nearly completely symmetric to that of Ricardian constant costs. A new analytical tool, the allocation curve, is introduced, with which Marshallian stability is fully analogous to Walrasian instability with offer curves.

Market Structure and Foreign Trade: Increasing Returns, Imperfect Competition, and the International Economy
Helpman, E. & P. Krugman (1999)

Abstract: Market Structure and Foreign Trade presents a coherent theory of trade in the presence of market structures other than perfect competition. The theory it develops explains trade patterns, especially of industrial countries, and provides an integration between trade and the role of multinational enterprises. Relating current theoretical work to the main body of trade theory, Helpman and Krugman review and restate known results and also offer entirely new material on contestable markets, oligopolies, welfare, and multinational corporations, and new insights on external economies, intermediate inputs, and trade composition.

The Boundaries of Multinational Enterprises and the Theory of International Trade   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Markusen, J.R. (1995)

Abstract: This paper presents a diagrammatic technique to illustrate the short-run capital specificity adjustment process in a small open economy. It also considers the implications of the short-run capital specificity adjustment process in the context of the small open economy with pre-existing factor market distortions. Finally, it points out the central role of the assumption of intersectoral capital mobility in traditional international trade theory.

An Empirical Assessment of the Proximity-Concentration Trade-off Between Multinational Sales and Trade   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Brainard, S.L. (1997)

Abstract: This paper empirically investigates the role of transport costs, trade and investment barriers, production scale economies, and firm- specific advantages in determining the use of overseas production relative to exports. The proximity-concentration hypothesis is robust in explaining the share of total sales accounted for by affiliate sales: this share is greater the higher are transport costs and trade barriers and the lower are plant scale economies and investment barriers. Although strictly speaking, the proximity-concentration hypothesis applies to the shares of affiliate sales and exports rather than the levels, the effects of trade and investment barriers on the levels are similar to their effects on the shares, controlling for simultaneity, and so is that of freight factors in the trade estimates. The elasticity of inward and outward net affiliate sales with respect to tariffs is around 0.45, and that with respect to NTBs is an additional 0.17. The elasticity of both imports and exports with respect to freight factors is -1. However, the effect of freight factors on the level of affiliate sales is not robust, and the probability of observing any affiliate sales is increasing in proximity. The overall complementarity between trade and affiliate sales arises in part because relative income and intellectual property intensity increase both. In contrast, affiliate sales and trade move in opposite directions with increases in advertising intensity, suggesting that advertising-intensive products require a local presence.

Integration of Trade and Disintegration of Production in the Global Economy   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Feenstra, R.C. (1998)

Abstract: The last few decades have seen a spectacular integration of the global economy through trade. The rising integration of world markets has brought with it a disintegration of the production process, however, as manufacturing or services activities done abroad are combined with those performed at home. I compare several different measures of foreign outsourcing, and argue that they have all increased since the 1970s. I also consider the implications of globalization for employment and wages of low-skilled workers, and for trade and regulatory policy, such as labor standards.

The Six Major Puzzles in International Macroeconomics: Is There a Common Cause?   Recommended!   Acrobat Required
Obstfeld, M. & K. Rogoff (2000)

Abstract: The central claim in this paper is that by explicitly introducing costs of international trade (narrowly, transport costs but more broadly, tariffs, nontariff barriers and other trade costs), one can go far toward explaining a great number of the main empirical puzzles that international macroeconomists have struggled with over twenty-five years. Our approach elucidates J. McCallum's home bias in trade puzzle, the Feldstein-Horioka saving-investment puzzle, the French-Poterba equity home bias puzzle, and the Backus-Kehoe-Kydland consumption correlations puzzle. That one simple alteration to an otherwise canonical international macroeconomic model can help substantially to explain such a broad arrange of empirical puzzles, including some that previously seemed intractable, suggests a rich area for future research. We also address a variety of international pricing puzzles, including the purchasing power parity puzzle emphasized by Rogoff, and what we term "the exchange rate disconnect puzzle." The latter category of riddles includes both the Meese-Rogoff exchange rate forecasting puzzle and the Baxter-Stockman neutrality of exchange rate regime puzzle. Here, although many elements need to be added to our extremely simple model, trade costs still play an essential role.

Exports and Information Spillovers
Nicita, A. & M. Olarreaga (2000)

Integration vs Outsourcing in Industry Equilibrium   Recommended!   Acrobat Required
Grossman, G. & E. Helpman (2001)

Abstract: We develop an equilibrium model of industrial structure in which the organization of firms is endogenous. Differentiated consumer products can be produced either by vertically integrated firms or by pairs of specialized companies. Production of each variety of consumer good requires a unique, specialized component. Vertically integrated firms can manufacture the components they need in the quantity and type that maximizes profits, but they face a relatively high cost of governance.

How Reasonable Are Assumptions Used in Theoretical Models? Computational Evidence on the Likelihood of Trade Pattern Changes
Abrego, L., R. Riezman & J. Whalley (2001)

International Trade in Manufactured Products - A Ricardo-Heckscher-Ohlin Explanation with Monopolistic Competition
Choudri, E. & Hakura, D. (2001)

Financial Frictions in Business Cycles, Trade and Growth   Acrobat Required
Wynne, J.L. (2001)

A Unified Approach to Intra-Industry Trade and Direct Foreign Investment
Markusen, J.R. & K.E. Maskus (2001)

Who Dies? International Trade, Market Structure, and Industrial Restructuring
Bernard, A.B. & J.B. Jensen (2001)

Financial Development and International Trade: Is There a Link?
Beck, T. (2001)

Financial Dependence and International Trade
Beck, T. (2001)

Trade Liberalisation, Product Variety and Growth in a Small Open Economy: A Quantitative Assessment
Rutherford, T. & D. Tarr (2001)

Injury Investigations in Anti-Dumping and the Super-Additivity Effect: A Theoretical Explanation
Gupta, P. & A. Panagariya (2001)

Tariffs, Terms or Trade, and The Real Exchange Rate in and Intertemporal Optimizing Model of the Current Account
Edwards, S. (2001)

International Trade and the Environment: A Framework for Analysis
Copeland, B.R. & M.S. Taylor (2001)

Do Factor Endowments Matter for North-North Trade?
Davis, D.R. & D.E. Weinstein (2001)

Gravity with Gravitas: A Solution to the Border Puzzle   Recommended!
Anderson, J.E. & E. van Wincoop (2001)

Abstract: The gravity model has been widely used to infer substantial trade flow effects of institutions such as customs unions and exchange rate mechanisms. McCallum [1995] found that the US-Canada border led to trade between provinces that is a factor 22 (2,200%) times trade between states and provinces, a spectacular puzzle in light of the low formal barriers on this border. We show that the gravity model usually estimated does not correspond to the theory behind it. We solve the 'border puzzle' by applying the theory seriously. We find that national borders reduce trade between the US and Canada by about 44%, while reducing trade among other industrialized countries by about 30%. McCallum's spectacular headline number is the result of a combination of omitted variables bias and the small size of the Canadian economy. Within-Canada trade rises by a factor 6 due to the border. In contrast, within-US trade rises 25%.

The Factor Content of Trade
Davis, D.R. & D.E. Weinstein (2001)

The Merits of Horizontal versus Vertical FDI in the Presence of Uncertainty | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Aizenman, J. & N. Marion (2001)

Market Entry Costs, Producer Heterogeneity, and Export Dynamics
Das, S., M.J. Roberts & J.R. Tybout (2001)

Foreign Direct Investors in Three Financial Crises
Lipsey, R.E. (2001)

Foreign Direct Investment   Acrobat Required
Hatzius, J.(2001)

Foreign Direct Investment in a World of Multiple Taxes
Desai, M.A. & J.R. Hines Jr. (2001)

Pollution Havens and Foreign Direct Investment: Dirty Secret or Popular Myth?
Smarzynska, B.K. & S.J. Wei (2001)

Determinants of, and the Relation Between, Foreign Direct Investment and Growth: A Summary of the Recent Literature   SURVEY PAPER
Lim, E.G. (2001)

Foreign Direct Investment and the Operations of Multinational Firms: Concepts, History, and Data
Lipsey, R.E. (2001)

Home and Host Country Effects of FDI
Lipsey, R. (2002)

Entrepreneurship in International Trade
Rauch, J.E. & J. Watson (2002)

Bilateral Trade and Opportunism in a Matching Market   Recommended!
Ramey, G. & J. Watson (2001)

Abstract: We develop a model of bilateral contracting in a dynamic market setting. Asset owners must be paired via a matching process in order to form productive relationships involving long-term investments and ongoing effort. Market frictions shape the owners' incentives to invest in the absence of complete contracts. We identify cases in which there exists an optimal positive level of market friction implementing first-best investment levels. We also endogenize the choice between integrated and nonintegrated organizational forms. Changes in structural variables can induce crashes by disrupting existing relationships.

Attracting FDI in a Politically Risky World
Janeba, E. (2001)

Courting FDI: Is Competition Bad?   Acrobat Required
Fernandez-Arias, E., R. Hausmann & E. Stein (2001)

Trade Integration and Risk Sharing
Kraay, A. & J. Ventura (2002)

Trade Openness and Investment Instability
Razin, A., E. Sadka & T. Coury (2002)

Trade with Labor Market Distortions and Heterogeneous Labor: Why Trade Can Hurt
Krishna, K., A. Mukhopadhyay & C. Yavas (2002)

Trade Integration and Growth   Acrobat Required
Cunat, A. & M. Maffezzoli (2002)

Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Markets: Income, Repatriations and Financial Vulnerabillities
Lehmann, A.C. (2002)

The Rise and Fall of World Trade, 1870-1939   Recommended!
Estevadeordal, A., B. Frantz & A.M. Taylor (2002)

Abstract: Measured by the ratio of trade to output, the period 1870 1913 marked the birth of the first era of trade globalization and the period 1914 39 its death. What caused the boom and bust? We use an augmented gravity model to examine the gold standard, tariffs, and transport costs as determinants of trade. Until 1913 the rise of the gold standard and the fall in transport costs were the main trade-creating forces. As of 1929 the reversal was driven by higher transport costs. In the 1930s, the final collapse of the gold standard drove trade volumes even lower.

Trade and Food Security: Conceptualizing the Linkages   Acrobat Required
Panagariya, A. (2002)

Export-Platform Foreign Direct Investment
Ekholm, K., R. Forslid & J. Markusen (2003)

Traders, Cops and Robbers | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Anderson, J.E. & O. Bandiera (2003)

Export versus FDI |

Published   Ingenta Select Required
Helpman, E., M.J. Melitz & S.R. Yeaple (2003)

The Effects of Multinational Production on Wages and Working Conditions in Developing Countries
Brown, D.K., A.V. Deardorff & R.M. Stern (2003)

Firms, Contracts, and Trade Structure | Published   Recommended!   Ingenta Select Required
Antras, P. (2003)

Abstract: Roughly one-third of world trade is intrafirm trade. This paper starts by unveiling two systematic patterns in the volume of intrafirm trade. In a panel of industries, the share of intrafirm imports in total U. S. imports is significantly higher, the higher the capital intensity of the exporting industry. In a cross section of countries the share of intrafirm imports in total U. S. imports is significantly higher, the higher the capital-labor ratio of the exporting country. I then show that these patterns can be rationalized in a theoretical framework that combines a Grossman-Hart-Moore view of the firm with a Helpman-Krugman view of international trade. In particular, I develop an incomplete-contracting, property-rights model of the boundaries of the firm, which I then incorporate into a standard trade model with imperfect competition and product differentiation. The model pins down the boundaries of multinational firms as well as the international location of production, and it is shown to predict the patterns of intrafirm trade identified above. Econometric evidence reveals that the model is consistent with other qualitative and quantitative features of the data.

Trade, Growth and the Environment | Published   Recommended!   Ingenta Select Required   SURVEY PAPER
Copeland, B.R. & M.S. Taylor (2003)

Abstract: For the last ten years environmentalists and the trade policy community have engaged in a heated debate over the environmental consequences of liberalized trade. The debate was originally fueled by negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Uruguay round of GATT negotiations, both of which occurred at a time when concerns over global warming, species extinction and industrial pollution were rising. Recently it has been intensified by the creation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and proposals for future rounds of trade negotiations. The debate has often been unproductive. It has been hampered by the lack of a common language and also suffered from little recourse to economic theory and empirical evidence. The purpose of this essay is set out what we currently know about the environmental consequences of economic growth and international trade. We critically review both theory and empirical work to answer three basic questions. What do we know about the relationship between international trade, economic growth and the environment? How can this evidence help us evaluate ongoing policy debates? Where do we go from here?

The Role of Information in Driving FDI Flows: Host-Country Transparency and Source-Country Specialization
Mody, A., A. Razin & E. Sadka (2003)

Policy designs in a dynamic model of infant industry protection   ScienceDirect Required
Kaneda, M. (2003)

Catch-up in turn in a multi-country international trade model with learning-by-doing and invention   ScienceDirect Required
Nakajima, T. (2003)

Domestic Labour Markets and Foreign Direct Investment
Haaland, J. & I. Wooton (2003)

International Trade under Oligopoly Conditions   Recommended!   Wiley Interscience Required
Ruffin, R.J. (2003)

Abstract: The paper gives a simple representation of how oligopoly affects the general theory of international trade. Three points are emphasized: the simplicity of trade under oligopoly in the Ricardian model; the equations describing the general equilibrium of a world economy with any number of goods, countries, and factors under oligopolistic conditions and an integrated world market; and a complete description of the solution of a Mill–Ricardo–Cournot model with oligopoly in one sector and perfect competition in the other.

The Impact of Trade on Intra-Industry Reallocations and Aggregate Industry Productivity | Published   Recommended!   Wiley Interscience Required
Melitz, M.J. (2003)

Abstract: This paper develops a dynamic industry model with heterogeneous firms to analyze the intra-industry effects of international trade. The model shows how the exposure to trade will induce only the more productive firms to enter the export market (while some less productive firms continue to produce only for the domestic market) and will simultaneously force the least productive firms to exit. It then shows how further increases in the industry's exposure to trade lead to additional inter-firm reallocations towards more productive firms. The paper also shows how the aggregate industry productivity growth generated by the reallocations contributes to a welfare gain, thus highlighting a benefit from trade that has not been examined theoretically before. The paper adapts Hopenhayn's (1992a) dynamic industry model to monopolistic competition in a general equilibrium setting. In so doing, the paper provides an extension of Krugman's (1980) trade model that incorporates firm level productivity differences. Firms with different productivity levels coexist in an industry because each firm faces initial uncertainty concerning its productivity before making an irreversible investment to enter the industry. Entry into the export market is also costly, but the firm's decision to export occurs after it gains knowledge of its productivity.

Global Sourcing | Published
Antras, P. & E. Helpman (2003)

Inequality and Trade
Mitra, D. & V. Trindade (2003)

National Treatment and the Choice Between Exports and FDI
Hoekman, B. & K. Saggi (2003)

Conditions for Factor Price Equalization in the Integrated World Economy Model   Wiley Interscience Required
Qi, L. (2003)

Aid versus Trade Revisited: Donor and Recipient Policies in the Presence of Learning-by-Doing   Wiley Interscience Required
Adam, C.S. & S. A O'Connell (2003)

Financial Globalization, Portfolio Diversification, and the Pattern of International Trade
Koren, M. (2003)

Tariffs and the Great Depression Revisited   Acrobat Required
Crucini, M.J. & J. Kahn (2003)

Optimal Integration Strategies for the Multinational Firm | Published   Recommended!   ScienceDirect Required
Grossman, G.M., E. Helpman & A. Szeidl (2003/06)

Abstract: We examine integration strategies of multinational firms that face a rich array of choices of international organization. Each firm in an industry must provide headquarter services from its home country, produce intermediate inputs, and assemble the intermediate goods into final products. Both production of intermediate goods and assembly can be performed at home, in another Northern' country, in the low-wage South,' or in several of these locations. We study the equilibrium choices of firms that differ in productivity (and thus size), focusing on the role of industry characteristics such as the fixed costs of foreign subsidiaries, the cost of transporting intermediate and final goods, and the share of the consumer market that resides in the South in determining optimal integration strategies.

International outsourcing and factor prices with multistage production   Wiley Interscience Required
Kohler, W. (2004)

Factor Proportions and the Structure of Commodity Trade   Ingenta Select Required   Recommended!
Romalis, J. (2004)

Abstract: This paper examines how factor proportions determine the structure of commodity trade. It integrates a many-country version of a Heckscher-Ohlin model with a continuum of goods with Paul R. Krugman's (1980) model of monopolistic competition and transport costs. The commodity structure of production and bilateral trade is fully determined. Two main predictions emerge. Countries capture larger shares of world production and trade of commodities that more intensively use their abundant factors. Countries that rapidly accumulate a factor see their production and export structures systematically shift towards industries that intensively use that factor. Both predictions receive support from detailed trade data.

Mergers and the Composition of International Commerce
Nocke, V. & S. Yeaple (2004)

Specific Factors, Learning, and the Dynamics of Trade   Wiley Interscience Required
Bajona, C. (2004)

The Impact Of Regulatory Stringency On The Foreign Direct Investment Of Global Pharmaceutical Firms   Acrobat Required
Ahlering, B. (2004)

Trade, Foreign Direct Investment or Acquisition: Optimal Entry Modes for Multinationals | Published   Adobe Acrobat Required   ScienceDirect Required
Eicher, T. & J.W. Kang (2004/2005)

Why Some Firms Export   Ingenta Select Required
Bernard, A.B. & J.B. Jensen (2004)

International Trade and Macroeconomic Dynamics with Heterogeneous Firms | Published   Ingenta Select Required
Ghironi, F. & M.J. Melitz (2004)

Variety Growth and World Welfare   Ingenta Select Required
Broda, C. & D.W. Weinstein (2004)

Learning on the Quick and Cheap: Gains from Trade Through Imported Expertise
Markusen, J.R. & T.F. Rutherford (2004)

Managerial incentives and the international organization of production   ScienceDirect Required
Grossman, G.M. & E. Helpman (2004)

A Theory of North-South Trade and Globalization | Published   Adobe Acrobat Required   ScienceDirect Required
Segerstrom, P. & E. Dinopoulos (2004/10)

When trade requires coordination   ScienceDirect Required
Katz, K. & A. Matsui (2004)

Comparative Advantage and Heterogeneous Firms
Bernard, A.B., S. Redding & P.K. Schott (2004)

The Impact of Trade on Intraindustry Reallocation and Aggregate Industry Productivity: A Comment
Baldwin, R.E. & F. Robert-Nicoud (2004)

Quality, trade, and growth   ScienceDirect Required
Fan, C.S. (2004)

Social Networks and Trade Liberalization
Pandey, M. & J. Whalley (2004)

The Home-Market Effect and Bilateral Trade Patterns   Ingenta Select Required
Hanson, G.H. & C. Xiang (2004)

Trade Liberalization with Heterogenous Firms
Baldwin, R. & R. Forslid (2004)

Where Ricardo and Mill Rebut and Confirm Arguments of Mainstream Economists Supporting Globalization   Recommended!   Ingenta Select Required
Samuelson, P.A. (2004)

Abstract: Autarky real per capita well being, does not deny that new technical Chinese progress in goods that America previously had competitive advantage in can, ceteris paribus, lower permanently measurable per capita U.S. real income. Nor does it deny that technical progress in China's export goods can, ceteris paribus, hurt permanently her own net measurable per capita real income itself when demand inelasticity prevails. Ergo, the winds of dynamic comparative advantage cannot be counted on to create in each region new net gains of the gainers assuredly greater than the new net losses of the losers. However, correct Ricardian theory does imply that worldwide real income per capita does gain net, so that winners' winnings will suffice worldwide to more than compensate losers' losings--some cold comfort in a scenario of many semi-autonomous nations.

Trade, Tragedy, and the Commons
Copeland, B.R. & M.S. Taylor (2004)

Trade-related Job Loss and Wage Insurance: a Synthetic Review   Wiley Interscience Required   SURVEY PAPER
Kletzer, L.G. (2004)

Aspects of International Fragmentation   Wiley Interscience Required
Kohler, W. (2004)

Schumpeterian Growth, North-South Trade and Wage Rigidity
Grieben, W-F. (2004)

Sorting It Out: International Trade and Protection With Heterogeneous Workers | Published   Recommended!
Ohnsorge, F. & D. Trefler (2004/07)

Abstract: Each worker brings a bundle of skills to the workplace, for example, quantitative and communication skills. Since employers must take this bundle as a package deal, they choose workers with just the right mix of skills. We show that international differences in the distribution of worker skill bundles—for example, Japan's abundance of workers with a modest mix of both quantitative and teamwork skills—have important implications for international trade, industrial structure, and domestic income distribution. Formally, we model two-dimensional worker heterogeneity and show that the second moments of the distribution of skills are critical, as in the Roy model.

“Facts available” dumping allegations: when will foreign firms cooperate in antidumping petitions?   ScienceDirect Required
Moore, M.O. (2004)

Government procurement: market access, transparency, and multilateral trade rules   ScienceDirect Required
Evenetta, J.J. & B.M. Hoekman (2004)

The Muddles over Outsourcing   Ingenta Select Required
Bhagwati, J., A. Panagariya & T.N. Srinivasan (2004)

A simple model of firm heterogeneity, international trade, and wages   ScienceDirect Required
Yeaple, S.R. (2004)

Outsourcing in a Global Economy   Wiley Interscience Required
Grossman, G.M. & E. Helpman (2005)
Abstract: We study the determinants of the location of subcontracted activity in a general equilibrium model of outsourcing and trade. We model outsourcing as an activity that requires search for a partner and relationship-specific investments that are governed by incomplete contracts. The extent of international outsourcing depends inter alia on the thickness of the domestic and foreign market for input suppliers, the relative cost of searching in each market, the relative cost of customizing inputs and the nature of the contracting environment in each country.

Trade policy and quality leadership in transition economies   ScienceDirect Required
Moraga-González, J.L. & J-M. Viaene (2005)

Institutional Quality and International Trade
Levchenko, A.A. (2004)

Welfare Effects of Intellectual Property in a North-South Model of Endogenous Growth with Comparative Advantage
Saint-Paul, G. (2004)

International trade and cultural diversity with preference selection   ScienceDirect Required
Bala, V. & N.V. Long (2005)

Optimal Domestic Regulation and the Pattern of Trade
Martimort, D. & T. Verdier (2004)

A Multi-Country Approach to Factor-Proportions Trade and Trade Costs | Alternative | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Markusen, J.R. & A.J. Venables (2005/07)

Outsourcing and Trade in a Spatial World
Egger, H. & P. Egger (2005)

Offshoring in a Knowledge Economy | Published   Ingenta Select Required
Antras, P., L. Garicano, & E. Rossi-Hansberg (2005/06)

Trade and Growth in the Presence of Distortions
Cassing, J. & S. Tokarick (2005)

Anarchy and Autarky: Endogenous Predation as a Barrier to Trade   Wiley Interscience Required
Anderson, J.E. & D. Marcoullier (2005)

A Schumpeterian North-South Growth Model of Trade and Wage Inequality   Wiley Interscience Required
Grieben, W-H. (2005)

Technology Transfer Through Trade
Hoppe, M. (2005)

Comparative Advantage, Relative Wages, and the Accumulation of Human Capital   Recommended!
Teulings, C.N. (2005)

Abstract: I apply Ricardo's principle of comparative advantage to a theory of factor substitutability in a model with a continuum of worker and job types. Highly skilled workers have a comparative advantage in complex jobs. The model satisfies the distance-dependent elasticity of substitution (DIDES) characteristic: substitutability between types declines with their skill distance. I analyze changes in relative wages due to human capital accumulation. The concept of a complexity dispersion parameter or compression elasticity is introduced. Empirical studies suggest its value to be equal to two: a 1 percent increase in the stock of human capital reduces the Mincerian return by 2 percent.

R&D Policies, Trade and Process Innovation
Haaland, J.I. & H.J. Kind (2005)

Ricardian comparative advantage with intermediate inputs   ScienceDirect Required
Deardorff, A.V. (2005)

Globalization, globalisation: Trade, technology, and wages   ScienceDirect Required
Ethier, W.J. (2005)

A trade theorist's take on skilled-labor outsourcing   Recommended!   ScienceDirect Required
Deardorff, A.V. (2005)

Abstract: Recent concern has attended the phenomenon of skilled-labor outsourcing, in which firms in the United States and other advanced countries have drawn upon the services of skilled workers in developing countries for activities that they used to do at home. Motivated by this and the fact that such outsourcing would be hard to explain without technological differences, this paper explores theoretically a simple story of outsourcing in which factor proportions and technology interact across activities performed within industries or firms. The model has a single sector in which a final output is produced from two activities that differ in their intensity of use of skilled and unskilled labor. In one activity, the developed world (North) has a technical advantage. In the other it does not, but a new regime makes it possible to outsource it to the developing world (South). The paper shows that this outsourcing, if the countries continue to diversify, causes the wage of unskilled labor in North to fall below that in South. However, if factor endowments differ enough to lead to specialization, then it becomes possible for both factors in North to gain from this form of outsourcing.

Outsourcing and technology spillovers   ScienceDirect Required
Long, N.V. (2005)

Fragmented trade and manufacturing services--Examples for a non-convex general equilibrium   ScienceDirect Required
Wan, H. (2005)

Foreign direct investment and international trade in a continuum Ricardian trade model   ScienceDirect Required
Cheng, L.K., L.D. Qiu & G. Tan (2005)

Trade Liberalization in a Joint Spatial Inter-Temporal Trade Model
Huang, H., J. Whalley, John & S. Zhang (2005)

Market Size, Trade, and Productivity | Published
Melitz, M.J. & G.I.P. Ottaviano (2005/08)

Managed Trade, Trade Liberalisation and Local Pollution
Regibeau, P.M. & A. Gallegos (2005)

Unbundling the Pollution Haven Hypothesis
Taylor, M.S. (2005)

International Outsourcing and Incomplete Contracts   SURVEY PAPER
Spencer, B.J. (2005)

Endowment versus Finance: A Wooden Barrel Theory of International Trade
Ju, J. & S-J. Wei (2005)

Making Sense of Bolkestein-Bashing: Trade Liberalization under Segmented Labor Markets | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Saint-Paul, G. (2005/07)

The Anatomy of Start-Stop Growth   Recommended!
Jones, B.F. & B.A. Olken (2005)
Abstract: This paper investigates the remarkable extremes of growth experiences within countries and examines the changes that occur when growth starts and stops. We find three main results. First, all but the very richest countries experience both growth miracles and failures over substantial periods. Second, growth accounting reveals that physical capital accumulation plays a negligible role in growth take-offs and a larger but still modest role in growth collapses. The implied role of productivity in these shifts is also directly reflected in employment reallocations and changes in trade. Third, growth accelerations and collapses are asymmetric phenomena. Collapses typically feature reduced manufacturing and investment amidst increasing price instability, whereas growth takeoffs are primarily associated with large and steady expansions in international trade. This asymmetry suggests that the roads into and out of rapid growth expansions may not be the same. The results stand in contrast to much growth theory and conventional wisdom: despite much talk of poverty traps, even very poor countries regularly grow rapidly, and the role of aggregate investment in growth accelerations is negligible.

Heckscher–Ohlin revisited: implications of differential population dynamics for trade within an overlapping generations framework   ScienceDirect Required
Sayan, S. (2005)

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Abstract: This study provides a simple, many-industry model of trade which emphasizes the interaction between cross-country technical heterogeneity (i.e., a Ricardian aspect) and monopolistic competition among producers of differentiated products (i.e., a Chamberlinian aspect) as determinants of trade patterns. It is shown that the emergence of intra-industry trade is crucially dependent on the shape of the technology index schedule, which is obtained as a step-function.

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An Elementary Theory of Comparative Advantage | Published   Wiley Interscience Required
Costinot, A. (2009) Comparative advantage, whether driven by technology or factor endowment, is at the core of neoclassical trade theory. Using tools from the mathematics of complementarity, this paper offers a simple yet unifying perspective on the fundamental forces that shape comparative advantage. The main results characterize sufficient conditions on factor productivity and factor supply to predict patterns of international specialization in a multifactor generalization of the Ricardian model which we refer to as an "elementary neoclassical economy." These conditions, which hold for an arbitrarily large number of countries, goods, and factors, generalize and extend many results from the previous trade literature. They also offer new insights about the joint effects of technology and factor endowments on international specialization.

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Abstract: An elegant synthesis of key research on the globalization of production and its relation to wage movements.

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Abstract: A recent literature has introduced heterogeneous firms into models of international trade. This literature has adopted the convention of treating individual firms as points on a continuum. While the continuum offers many advantages this convenience comes at some cost: (1) Shocks to individual firms can never have an aggregate effect. (2) It is hard to reconcile the small (sometimes zero) number of firms engaged in selling from one country to another with a continuum. (3) For such models to deliver finite solutions for aggregates, such as the price index, requires restrictions on parameter values that may not hold in the data. We show how a standard heterogeneous-firm trade model can be amended to allow for only an integer number of firms. The model overcomes the deficiencies of the continuum model enumerated above. Taking the model to aggregate data on bilateral trade in manufactures among 92 countries and to firm-level export data for a much narrower sample shows that it accounts for both the large share of a small number of firms in sales around the world and for zeros in bilateral trade data while maintaining the good fit of the standard gravity equation among country pairs with thick trade volumes. Randomness at the firm level adds substantially to aggregate variability.

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The Geometry of the Distance Coefficient in Gravity Equations in International Trade   Wiley Interscience Required
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The Opportunity Costs of Entrepreneurs in International Trade | Published   ScienceDirect Required
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Competing Gains From Trade   Acrobat Required
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Heterogeneous Firms and International Trade: The Role of Productivity and Financial Fragility
Assenza, T., D.D. Gatti, J. Grazzini & G. Ricchiuti (2016)

Financial System Architecture and the Patterns of International Trade
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Gains from variety? Product differentiation and the possibility of losses from trade under Cournot oligopoly with free entry   ScienceDirect Required
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Population aging and comparative advantage   ScienceDirect Required
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Exchange rate regimes and wage comovements in a Ricardian model with money   ScienceDirect Required
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Trade and the Environment: New Methods, Measurements, and Results   SURVEY PAPER
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Trade, Domestic Frictions, and Scale Effects
Ramondo, N., A. Rodríguez-Clare & M. Saborío-Rodríguez (2016)

An Asymmetric Melitz Model of Trade and Growth | Published   Acrobat Required   ScienceDirect Required
Naito, T. (2016/17)

Quantitative Trade Models: Developments and Challenges   SURVEY PAPER
Kehoe, T.J., P.S. Pujolas & J. Rossbach (2016)

Limited Consumer Attention in International Trade   Wiley Interscience Required
Egger, H. & J. Falkinger (2016)

Global Firms | Published   SURVEY PAPER
Bernard, A.B., J.B. Jensen, S.J. Redding & P.K. Schott (2016/18)

Migration and FDI: Reconciling the standard trade theory with empirical evidence   ScienceDirect Required
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Global Talent Flows
Kerr, S.P., W. Kerr, C. Özden & C. Parsons (2016)

Does International Trade Produce Convergence?   Acrobat Required
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Variety and Quality in Trade Dynamics   Acrobat Required
Masashige, H. (2016)

International Menu Costs and Price Dynamics   Wiley Interscience Required
Schoenle, R. (2016)

Globalization and Wage Inequality   SURVEY PAPER
Helpman, E. (2016)

Goods-Market Frictions and International Trade
Krolikowski, P. & A.H. McCallum (2016)

How Exporters Grow
Fitzgerald, D., S. Haller & Y. Yedid-Levi (2018)

The Role of Trade Costs in the Surge of Trade Imbalances   Acrobat Required
Reyes-Heroles, R. (2016)

A Theory of Comparative Advantage with Specialized Subnational Regions   Wiley Interscience Required
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Free Trade versus Autarky under Asymmetric Cournot Oligopoly   Wiley Interscience Required
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Intersectoral distortions and the welfare gains from trade   ScienceDirect Required
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Imported inputs, irreversibility, and international trade dynamics   ScienceDirect Required
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Capital Accumulation and Dynamic Gains from Trade   Acrobat Required
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Product cycles and growth cycles   ScienceDirect Required
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Capital Goods Trade, Relative Prices, and Economic Development | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Mutreja, P., B. Ravikumar & M.J. Sposi (2017/18)

Indivisibilities in the Ricardian model of trade   ScienceDirect Required
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Transit migration   Wiley Interscience Required
Djajic, S. (2017)

The Lerner Symmetry Theorem: Generalizations and Qualifications
Costinot, A. & I. Werning (2017)

The Legal Grounds of Irregular Migration: A Global Game Approach   De Gruyter Journals Required
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International trade and firms' attitude towards risk   ScienceDirect Required
Broll, U. & S. Mukherjee (2017)

International Trade, Technology, and the Skill Premium   UChicago Journals Required
Burstein, A. & J. Vogel (2017)

The Macroeconomic Effects of Trade Tariffs: Revisiting the Lerner Symmetry Result
Lindé, J. & A. Pescatori (2017)

Geography, Search Frictions and Endogenous Trade Costs
Brancaccio, G., M. Kalouptsidi & T. Papageorgiou (2017)

Wheat or Strawberries? Intermediated Trade with Limited Contracting
Krishna, K. & Y. Sheveleva (2017)

Trade and growth in a model of allocative inefficiency   De Gruyter Journals Required
Cothren, R. & R. Radhakrishnan (2017)

Exporting and Organizational Change
Caliendo, L., F. Monte & E. Rossi-Hansberg (2017)

Foreign direct investment as a signal   Wiley Interscience Required
Koska, O.A., N.V. Long & F. Frank Stähler (2017)

Oligopoly in International Trade: Rise, Fall and Resurgence
Head, K. & B.J. Spencer (2017) Frictions, Trade, and Misallocation   Acrobat Required
Kohn, D., F. Leibovici & M. Szkup (2017)

New Exporter Dynamics   Wiley Interscience Required
Ruhl, K.J. & J.L. Willis (2017)

Slicing the Pie: Quantifying the Aggregate and Distributional Effects of Trade
Galle, S., A. Rodriguez-Clare & M. Yi (2017)

The Margins of Global Sourcing: Theory and Evidence from US Firms
Antrŕs, P., T.C. Fort & F. Tintelnot (2017)

Trade and Investment in the Global Economy
Anderson, J.E., M. Larch & Y.V. Yotov (2017)

Too Much of a Good Thing? Exporters, Multiproduct Firms and Labor Market Imperfections
Eckel, C. & S.R. Yeaple (2017)

Multiproduct oligopoly and trade between asymmetric countries   Wiley Interscience Required
Cheng, Y-L. & T. Tabuchi (2017)

The Impact of Trade on Inequality in Developing Countries   SURVEY PAPER
Pavcnik, N. (2017)

Product heterogeneity, cross-country taste differences, and the growth of world trade   ScienceDirect Required
Auer, R.A. (2017)

Productivity growth from an international trade perspective   Wiley Interscience Required
Lewrick, U., L. Mohler & R. Weder (2017)

All Shook Up: International Trade and Firm-level Volatility   Acrobat Required
Senses, M., A. Zlate & C. Kurz (2017)

Capital accumulation and international trade   ScienceDirect Required
Alvarez, F. (2017)

The Life-Cycle Dynamics of Exporters and Multinational Firms
Gumpert, A., A. Moxnes, N. Ramondo & F. Tintelnot (2017)

Endogenous comparative advantage, gains from trade and symmetry-breaking   ScienceDirect Required
Chatterjee, A. (2017)

Aggregating from Micro to Macro Patterns of Trade
Redding, S.J. & D.E. Weinstein (2017)

Endowments, Skill-Biased Technology, and Factor Prices: A Unified Approach to Trade   Recommended!
Morrow, P.M. & D. Trefler (2017)

Abstract: We develop a multi-factor, multi-sector Eaton-Kortum model in order to examine the impact of trade costs, factor endowments, and technology (both Ricardian and factor-augmenting) on factor prices, trade in goods, and trade in the services of primary factors (value-added trade). This framework nests the Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek (HOV) model and the Vanek factor content of trade prediction. We take the model to the data using skilled and unskilled data for 38 countries. We have two findings. First, the key determinants of international variation in the factor content of trade are endowments and international variation in factor inputs used per dollar of output. Input-usage variation in turn is driven by (1) factor-augmenting international technology differences and (2) international factor price differences. Second, our estimates of factor-augmenting international technology differences -- which imply cross-country variation in skill-biased technologies -- are empirically similar to those used to rationalize cross-country evidence on income differences and directed technical change.

The Global Trade Slowdown: A Dynamic Approach   Acrobat Required
Mix, C. & G. Alessandria (2017)

The role of trade in structural transformation   ScienceDirect Required
Teignier, M. (2017)

Can the HOS model explain changes in labor shares? A tale of trade and wage rigidities   ScienceDirect Required
Decreuse, B. & P. Maarek (2017)

Dynamic Comparative Advantage, Directed Mobility Across Sectors, and Wages   Acrobat Required
Auray, S., D. Fuller, D. Lkhagvasuren & A. Terracol (2017)

Financial Development and International Trade   Acrobat Required
Leibovici, F. (2018)

Betting on Exports: Trade and Endogenous Heterogeneity   Wiley Interscience Required
Bonfiglioli, A., R. Crinň & G. Gancia (2018)

An economic model of search and matching in international trade   Wiley Interscience Required
Reimer, J.J. & X. Zhang (2018)

Product space and the development of nations: A model of product diversification   ScienceDirect Required
Desmarchelier, B., P.J. Regis & N. Salike (2018)

Service outsourcing: The home, the host and the provider   Wiley Interscience Required
Goswami, A.G. (2018)

A North-South model of trade with search unemployment   ScienceDirect Required
Stepanok, I. (2018)

Comparative advantage and strategic specialization   Wiley Interscience Required
Kang, M. (2018)

Exporters in cross-section: Direct versus intermediated trade   Wiley Interscience Required
Wang, Q. & M.J. Gibson (2018)

Labour Market Effects of International Trade when Mobility is Costly   Wiley Interscience Required
Ashournia, D. (2018)

Technology and the dynamics of comparative advantage   Wiley Interscience Required
Navas, A. (2018)

Market size and TFP in the Melitz model   Wiley Interscience Required
Felbermayr, G. & B. Jung (2018)

Industry Dynamics of Offshoring: The Case of Hard Disk Drives
Igami, M. (2018)

AI and International Trade
Goldfarb, A. & D. Trefler (2018)

Trade, firm selection, and innovation: the competition channel   Wiley Interscience Required
Impullitti, G. & O. Licandro (2018)

International trade, income distribution and welfare   ScienceDirect Required
McCalman, P. (2018)

Trade with Correlation
Lind, N. & N. Ramondo (2018)

Trade and Minimum Wages in General Equilibrium: Theory and Evidence
Bai, X., A. Chatterjee, K. Krishna & H. Ma (2018)

International trade and the division of labor   Wiley Interscience Required
Soo, K.T. (2018)

Financial Frictions and Trade Dynamics
Bergin, P., L. Feng & C-Y. Lin (2018)

Quality uncertainty and intermediation in international trade   ScienceDirect Required
Dasgupta, K. & J. Mondria (2018)

Inattentive importers   ScienceDirect Required
Dasgupta, K. & J. Mondria (2018)

Networks and Trade | Published   SURVEY PAPER
Bernard, A.B. & A. Moxnes (2018)

Alternative Sources of the Gains from International Trade: Variety, Creative Destruction, and Markups
Feenstra, R.C. (2018)

Granular Comparative Advantage
Gaubert, C. & O. Itskhoki (2018)

Redistributing the Gains From Trade Through Progressive Taxation
Lyon, S.G. & M.E. Waugh (2018)

Productivity Gaps and Tax Policies Under Asymmetric Trade   Cambridge Online Required
Bretschger, L. & S. Valente (2018)

Trade and Geography in the Spread of Islam   Wiley Interscience Required
Michalopoulos, S., A. Naghavi & G. Prarolo (2018)

Trade Adjustment Dynamics and the Welfare Gains from Trade   Acrobat Required
Alessandria, G., H. Choi & K. Ruhl (2018)

Commodity Trade Matters
Fally, T. & J. Sayre (2018)

Firm heterogeneity, comparative advantage and the transfer problem   ScienceDirect Required
Trionfetti, F. (2018)

North-South Trade and Uneven Development in a Classical Conventional Wage Share Growth Model   Acrobat Required
Sasaki, H. (2018)

New Technologies, Global Value Chains, and Developing Economies
Rodrik, D. (2018)

The Crucial Role of International Trade in Adaptation to Climate Change
Gouel, C. & D. Laborde (2018)

Trade and Credit Reallocation: How Banks Help Shape Comparative Advantage   Acrobat Required
Keuschnigg, C. & M. Kogler (2018)

Understanding the International Elasticity Puzzle | Published   Acrobat Required   ScienceDirect Required
Yilmazkuday, H. (2018/19)

Aggregation and the Gravity Equation
Redding, S.J. & D.E. Weinstein (2019)

Monopolistic Competition and Optimum Product Diversity under Firm Heterogeneity   UChicago Journals Required
Dhingra, S. & J. Morrow (2019)

Might Global Uncertainty Promote International Trade?
Baley, I., L. Veldkamp & M.E. Waugh (2019)

Destination country financial development and margins of international trade   ScienceDirect Required
Ma, X. & W. Xie (2019)

Financial choice and international trade   ScienceDirect Required
Cho, I., S. Contessi, K.N. Russ & D. Valderrama (2019)

On the Heterogeneous Welfare Gains and Losses from Trade
Carroll, D.R. & S. Hur (2019)

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Trade Policy

Optimal Trade and Industrial Policy under Oligopoly   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Eaton, J. & G.M. Grossman (1986)

Abstract: In this paper we provide an integrative treatment of the welfare effects of trade and industrial policy under oligopoly, and characterize qualitatively the form that optimal intervention takes under a variety of assumptions about the number of firms, the substitutability of their products, and the markets in which they are sold. We find that when no domestic consumption occurs, optimal policy under duopoly with a single home firm depends on the difference between the firms' actual responses to their rivals and their response to their rivals' conjecture. If conjectures are consistent, free trade is optimal. A tax or subsidy is indicated depending on the size of the difference between the conjectured and actual response. With more than one home firm but still no domestic consumption, an export tax is indicated if conjectures are consistent. Production subsidies and export tax-cum-subsidies can raise national welfare in the presence of domestic consumption, because these policies can mitigate the extent of the consumption distortion implicit in the derivation of price from marginal cost.

Trade Liberalization and Trade Adjustment Assistance   Recommended!   Acrobat Required
Fung, K.C. & R.W. Staiger (1994)

Abstract: We explore the relationship between trade adjustment subsidies and successful reciprocal trade liberalization. We consider economies that are faced with a periodic need to move resources out of a declining import-competing sector, and that are attempting to sustain cooperative but self-enforcing trade agreements in the face of these adjustment needs. If the limitations associated with enforcement of international trade agreements are sufficiently severe, trade adjustment assistance can facilitate reciprocal trade liberalization. We argue that this suggests a possible efficiency rationale for adjustment policies that treat resources differently when traded sectors are involved.

The New Liberalism: Trade Policy Developments in Emerging Markets
Drabek, Z. & S. Laird (1997)

What Should Trade Negotiators Negotiate About?   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Krugman, P. (1997)

Abstract: In recent years there have been growing demands to make trade liberalization contingent on adoption of common labor and environmental standards. The straightforward economic answer is that this makes little sense: neither the gains from trade nor the gains from appropriate regulation are compromised if other countries impose standards that are weaker than your own. It is possible to offer second-bet economic rationales for harmonization, but these are empirically unconvincing. The only serious argument in favor or regulation is political: that regulation which is in the national interest may not be politically feasible unless other countries do the same.

Free versus Fair Trade: The Dumping Issue
Klitgaard, T. & K. Schiele (1998)

On the Effect of the Internet on International Trade
Freund, C. & D. Weinhold (2000)

Vertical Price Control and Parallel Imports: Theory and Evidence
Maskus, K.E. & Y. Chen (2000)

Catching Up with the Competition: Trade Opportunities and Challenges for Arab Countries   Recommended!   CONFERENCE VOLUME
Hoekman, B. & J. Zarrouk (2000)

Abstract: At a time when countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are joining the World Trade Organization, the lack of an economically sound analysis of trade policies in the region is especially notable. This volume remedies the situation by bringing together a distinguished group of applied trade economists to provide a broad view of the state of trade in and among the region's nations. The contributors provide original empirical analyses on key reform issues, and their work reflects deep knowledge of government concerns and policies.

Trade Policy during the Transition. Lessons form the 1990s   Acrobat Required!
Hare, P.G. (2000)

Labor Demand and Trade Reform in Latin America
Fajnzylber, P. & W.F. Maloney (2000)

Trade Policy of Transition Economics   Acrobat Required
Moraga, J.L. & J.M. Viaene (2001)

Free Trade in the Americas: Policy Recommendations and Issue Papers   Acrobat Required
North-South Centre & Institute of the Americas (2001)

On 'Indirect' Trade-Related Research and Development Spillovers
Lumenga-Neso, O., M. Olarreaga & M. Schiff (2001)

World Bank to "intensify" work on trade
Bretton Woods Project (2001)

Keiretsu and Relationship-Specific Investment: Implications for Market-Opening Trade Policy
Qiu, L.D. & B.J. Spencer (2001)

Market Access for Developing Countries' Exports   Acrobat Required
IMF & World Bank (2001)

Shaping Future GATS Rules for Trade in Services
Mattoo, A. (2001)

The WTO Agreement and Telecommunications Policy Reform
Cowhey, P. & M.M. Klimenko (2001)

Too many codes of practice? Towards cohesion and sustainability in ethical trade
Blowfield, M. (2001)

Eliminating Excessive Tariffs on Exports of Least Developed Countries
Hoekman, B., F. Ng & M. Olarreaga (2001)

Standards and Related Regulations in International Trade: A Modeling Approach
Ganslandt, M. & J.R. Markusen (2001)

Services in the International Economy   Recommended!   CONFERENCE VOLUME
Stern, R.M. (ed) (2001)

Abstract: This book contains selected papers from the First World Services Congress, a forum designed to enhance awareness of the increasingly important role of services in the global economy and to reach out to governments, the business community, international organizations, academicians, and the media. The Congress served as a vehicle for the presentation and discussion of academic research on the entire spectrum of services issues, as well as business options and issues.

India's Reform of External Sector Policies and Future Multilateral Trade Negotiations   Acrobat Required
Srinivasan, T.N. (2001)

Blonigen, B.A. & T.J. Prusa (2001)

The Economic and Strategic Motives for Antidumping Filings
Prusa, T.J. & S. Skeath (2001)

Trim sovereignty or let investment flow? GATT, multinationals and developing countries
Morrissey, O. (2001)

Ethical trade futures: strategies for campaigners
Zadek, S. (2001)

WTO, Agriculture, and Developing Countries
Díaz-Bonilla, E., S. Robinson, M. Thomas & Y. Yanoma (2001)

Why Are Some People (and Countries) More Protectionist Than Others? | Published
Mayda, A.M. & D. Rodrik (2001/2005)

Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Antidumping Policy: Theory and Evidence
Blonigen, B.A. & J.H. Park (2001)

Punishment and Dispute Settlement in Trade Agreements   Recommended!   Acrobat Required
Ethier, W.J. (2001)

Abstract: This paper interprets dispute settlement procedures and punishments as responses to the fact that trade agreements are incomplete contracts. If no weight is given to the adjudication phase and if the degree of trade relatedness is known with certainty, the negotiated trade agreement will feature commensurate punishments, will induce violation of the dispute settlement ruling, and will deliver optimal liberalization and optimal unilateral trade-related action. With the adjudication phase of concern, the trade agreement will feature less liberalization, but still with a presumption of at least approximate commensurate punishment. The optimal trade agreement will likely induce abiding by the ruling when negotiators attach more importance to the adjudication phase, and violating it when they attach less.

WTO vs ethical trade: mutually inclusive or miles apart?
Tallontire, A. & M. Blowfield (2001)

Abstract: How does the World Trade Organisation view ethical trade? Do Eco-labelling and forest certification schemes break WTO rules? Do they create trade impediments? What external factors might alter the impact of ethical trade?

Measuring Services Trade Liberalization and its Impact on Economic Growth: An Illustration
Mattoo, A., R. Rathindran & A. Subramanian (2001)

Global Trade and Food Safety: Winners and Losers in a Fragmented System
Wilson, J.S. & T. Otsuki (2001)

EU trade policy and development objectives: out of synch?
Stevens, C. & J. Kennan (2001)

Signing up to the WTO
Laird, S. (2001)

Post-Seattle blues: whither the WTO?
Laird, S. (2001)

Trade Liberalisation and Poverty: A Handbook
McCulloch, N., X. Cirera & A. Winters (2001)

International Cartel Enforcement: Lessons from the 1990s   Recommended!
Evenett, S.J., M.C. Levenstein & V.Y. Suslow (2001)

Abstract: The enforcement record of the 1990s shows that private international cartels are not defunct—nor do they always fall quickly under the weight of their own incentive problems. Of a sample of 40 such cartels prosecuted by the United States and the European Union in the 1990s, 24 lasted at least four years. And for the 20 cartels in this sample where sales data are available, the annual worldwide turnover in affected products exceeded $30 billion. National competition policies address harm in domestic markets, and in some cases prohibit cartels without taking strong enforcement measures. Evenett, Levenstein, and Suslow propose a series of reforms to national policies and steps to enhance international cooperation that will strengthen the deterrents against international cartelization. Furthermore, the authors argue that aggressive prosecution of cartels must be complemented by vigilance in other areas of competition policy. If not, firms will respond to the enhanced deterrents to cartelization by merging or by taking other measures that lessen competitive pressures.

International Protection of Intellectual Property | Published   Ingenta Select Required
Grossman, G. & E.L.C. Lai (2002)

Antidumping as Safeguard Policy
Finger, J.M., F. Ng & S, Wangchuk (2001)

Did Import Substitution Promote Growth in the Late Nineteenth Century?
Irwin, D.A. (2002)

Quantity Controls, License Transferability, and the Level of Investment
Krishna, K., L.H. Tan & R. Ranjan (2002)

One Reason Countries Pay their Debts: Renegotiation and International Trade
Rose, A.K. (2002)

Estimating the Poverty Impacts of Trade Liberalization
Reimer, J.J. (2002)

Dirty Exports and Environmental Regulation: Do Standards Matter to Trade?
Wilson, J.S., T. Otsuki & M. Sewadeh (2002)

Liberalizing Trade in Agriculture: Developing Countries in Asia and the Post-Doha Agenda
Wilson, J.S. (2002)

Tariff-jumping FDI and Domestic Firms' Profits Adobe Acrobat Required
Blonigen, B.A., K. Tomlin & W.W. Wilson (2002)

Cap and Trade Policies in the Presence of Monopoly and Distortionary Taxation
Fullerton, D. & G.E. Metcalf (2002)

Trade Policy Reform and Poverty Alleviation   Acrobat Required!
Hoekman, B., C. Michalopoulos, M. Schiff & D. Tarr (2002)

Liberalization of Trade in Financial Services and Financial Sector Stability (Analytical Approach)
Kireyev, A.P. (2002)

Trade Openness, Investment Instability and Terms-of-Trade Volatility
Razin, A., E. Sadka & T. Coury (2002)

Do We Really Know that the WTO Increases Trade? | Published   Ingenta Select Required
Rose, A.K. (2002/04)

Do WTO Members have More Liberal Trade Policy? | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Rose, A.K. (2002)

The Perversity of Preferences: The Generalized System of Preferences and Developing Country Trade Policies, 1976-2000
Ozden, C. & E. Reinhardt (2003)

The Response of the Informal Sector to Trade Liberalization
Goldberg, P.K. & N. Pavcnik (2003)

Border Delays and Trade Liberalization
Cudmore, E. & J. Whalley (2003)

Multinational Enterprises, International Trade, and Productivity Growth: Firm-Level Evidence from the United States
Keller, W. & S.R. Yeaple (2003)

Was It Stolper-Samuelson, Infant Industry or Something Else? World Trade Tariffs 1789-1938
Williamson, J.G. (2003)

Selective Information Provision and Special Interest Influence: The Case of Trade Policy
Belfrage, C.J. (2003)

Industrial Tariffs and the Doha Development Agenda   Acrobat Required!
Bacchetta, M. & B. Bora (2003)

Antidumping and retaliation threats   ScienceDirect Required
Blonigen, B.A. & C.P. Bown (2003)

Trade Policy and Industrial Sector Responses: Using Evolutionary Models to Interpret the Evidence
Erdem, E. & J. Tybout (2003)

Breaking the WTO logjam: towards enforceable special and differential treatment
Stevens, C. (2003)

Crimes and Punishments? Retaliation under the WTO   Recommended!
Lawrence, R.Z. (2003)

Abstract: It is ironic that the WTO, whose goal is promoting freer trade, authorizes its members to retaliate against violations by raising tariffs. Indeed, at last count, the WTO authorized more protection on US exports to Europe than were removed on these exports as a result of the Uruguay Round. Critics also contend that such retaliation has failed to induce members to comply with its rules, that it undermines national sovereignty, and that it is inherently unfair. The author considers the rationale for retaliation and how it is implemented in practice. He then presents a novel proposal for contingent liberalization commitments, which would improve on the current system while preserving its essential character.

Why is there an Anti-trade Bias in Trade Policy?   Acrobat Required!
Limăo, N. & A. Panagariya (2003)

Labor Standards and the Free Trade Area of the Americas   Acrobat Required!
Elliott, K.A. (2003)

Economic Implications of China's Accession to the WTO   Acrobat Required!
Li, Y. (2003)

The Consequences of China's WTO Accession on its Neighbors   Acrobat Required!
McKibbin, W.J. & W.T. Woo (2003)

An Experimental Test of Strategic Trade Policy   Adobe Acrobat Required
Engelmann, D. & H-T. Normann (2003)

Trade Liberalisation and Economic Performance: An Overview   Wiley Interscience Required
Winters, L.A. (2004)

Trade Liberalisation and Wages in Developing Countries   Wiley Interscience Required
Arbache, J.S., A. Dickerson & F. Green (2004)

Subsidy Agreements | Published   Ingenta Select Required
Bagwell, K. & R.W. Staiger (2004/06)

Preempting Protectionism in Services: The GATS and Outsourcing   Adobe Acrobat Required
Mattoo, A. & S. Wunsch (2004)

WTO Negotiations on Market Access in Agriculture: a Comparison of Alternative Tariff Cut Proposals for the EU and the US
Bureau, J-C. & L. Salvatici (2004)

Free Trade Agreements: US Strategies and Priorities   Recommended!
Schott, J.J. (editor) (2004)

Abstract: The sheer number of free trade agreements (FTAs) being pursued by the United States is unprecedented and has provoked major policy questions concerning US interests in the negotiations, the setting of priorities among the prospective FTA partners, the objectives of those partners, and the implications for broader initiatives such as the Doha Round in the World Trade Organization and the Free Trade Area of the Americas. The book makes the conceptual case for FTAs and their implications for the global trading system, examines lessons from past US experience, and analyzes the costs and benefits of specific pacts already being pursued or considered. The book concludes with Schott's recommendations for refocusing US efforts on "big stakes" agreements.

Are Uniform Tariffs Optimal?
Amiti, M. (2004)

Institutions, trade policy and trade flows
Jansen, M. & H.K. Nordĺs (2004)

Trade policy analysis in the presence of duty drawbacks   ScienceDirect Required
Ianchovichina, E. (2004)

The Rise of U.S. Antidumping Actions in Historical Perspective | Alternative
Irwin, D. (2004)

Trade Policy and Global Poverty   Recommended!
Cline, W.R. (2004)

Abstract: In the fight to reduce global poverty, policymakers often focus on government aid to poor countries. This study suggests that industrial-country trade policy is an even more powerful means for alleviating poverty. Cline calculates that global free trade would confer income gains of at least $90 billion annually in developing countries for traditional “static” effects and long-term gains, including dynamic effects, of about $200 billion annually. Eliminating industrial-country protection alone would provide long-term gains to developing countries of about $100 billion annually-about twice as much as annual aid. The overall income gains would reduce the number of people in poverty globally by about 500 million by 2015, or by about one-fourth.

Reviving the Doha Round
Schott, J.J. (2004)

Tariff Wars and Trade Deals with Costly Government   Wiley Interscience Required
Burbidge, J. & G. Myers (2004)

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Abstract: This paper uses a natural experiment to estimate the causal effect of temporary trade protection on long-term economic development. I find that regions in the French Empire which became better protected from trade with the British for exogenous reasons during the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815) increased capacity in mechanized cotton spinning to a larger extent than regions which remained more exposed to trade. In the long run, regions with exogenously higher spinning capacity had higher activity in mechanized cotton spinning. They also had higher value added per capita in industry up to the second half of the nineteenth century, but not later.

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Hidden protectionism? Evidence from non-tariff barriers to trade in the United States   ScienceDirect Required
Grundke, R. & C. Moser (2019)

Brexit and the macroeconomic impact of trade policy uncertainty   ScienceDirect Required
Steinberg, J.B. (2019)

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Empirical Trade Studies

The Leontief Paradox, Reconsidered   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Leamer, E.E. (1980)

Abstract: Using the Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek model of trade, it is shown that a country is revealed to be relatively well endowed in capital compared with labor if and only if one of the following three conditions holds, where K(x), K(m), L(x), L(m), K(c), L(c) are capital and labor embodied in exports, imports, and consumption: (a) K(x) - K(m) > 0, L(x) - L(m) < 0; (b) K(x) - K(m) > 0, L(x) - L(m) > 0, [K(x) - K(m)]/[L(x) - L(m)] > K(c)/L(c); (c) K(x) - K(m) < 0, L(x) - L(m) < 0, [K(x) - K(m)]/[L(x) - L(m)] < K(c)/L(c). Leontief's data for the United States in 1947 satisfy (b), and the United States by trade is actually revealed by trade to be capital abundant. The comparison by Leontief of K(x)/L(x) with K(m)/L(m) is shown to be theoretically inappropriate.

Quality Change Under Trade Restraints in Japanese Autos   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Feenstra, R. (1988)

Abstract: In this paper, the author investigates the quality change in Japanese car and truck imports over 1979-85. Car im ports have been subject to a quota restraint since April 1981, while compact trucks have faced an ad valorem tariff of 25 percent since Au gust 1980. He finds evidence of substantial upgrading in Japanese car imports, with ambiguous quality change in trucks. The welfare cost o f the quota restraint in cars exceeds $1,000 per import in 1983 and 1984.

International Factor Price Differences: Leontief was Right!   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Trefler, D. (1993)

Abstract: The factor price equalization hypothesis is widely at odds with the large variation in factor prices across countries. similarly, the Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek theorem constitutes an incomplete description of trade in factor services: its predictions are always rejected empirically. These two issues are examined using a modification of the Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek model that allows for factor-augmenting international productivity differences. The empirical results are stark: this simple modification of the Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek theorem explains much of the factor content of trade and the cross-country variation in factor prices.

The Case of the Missing Trade and Other Mysteries   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Trefler, D. (1995)

Abstract: The Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek (HOV) theorem, which predicts that countries will export products that are made from factors in great supply, performs poorly. However, deviations from HOV follow pronounced patterns. Trade is missing relative to its HOV prediction. Also, rich countries appear scarce in most factors and poor countries appear abundant in all factors, a fact that squares poorly with the HOV prediction that abundant factors are exported. As suggested by the patterns, HOV is rejected empirically in favor of a modification that allows for home bias in consumption and international technology differences.

Monopolistic Competition and International Trade: Reconsidering the Evidence   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Hummels, D. & J. Levinsohn (1995)

Abstract: The authors test some propositions about international trade flows that are derived from models of monopolistic competition developed by Elhanan Helpman and Paul Krugman. The authors investigate whether the volume of trade between OECD countries is consistent with the predictions of a model in which all trade is intraindustry trade in differentiated products. They then repeat the test with non-OECD countries. The authors also investigate whether the share of intraindustry trade is consistent with a more general theoretical model in which some, but not all, trade is intraindustry trade. Their results lead the authors to question the apparent empirical success of these models.

Using International and Japanese Regional Data to Determine When the Factor Abundance Theory of Trade Works   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Davis, D.R., D.E. Weinstein, S.C. Bradford & K. Shimpo (1997)

Abstract: The Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek (HOV) model of factor service trade is a mainstay of international economics. Empirically, though, it is a flop. This warrants a new approach. The authors test the HOV model with international and Japanese regional data. The strict HOV model performs poorly because it cannot explain the international location of production. Restricting the sample to Japanese regions provides no help, inter alia giving rise to what Daniel Trefler calls the 'mystery of the missing trade.' However, when the authors relax the assumption of universal factor price equalization, results improve dramatically. In sum, the HOV model performs remarkably well.

The Decision to Export in Colombia: An Empirical Model of Entry with Sunk Costs   JSTOR Required
Roberts, M. & J. Tybout (1997)

An Account of Global Factor Trade   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Davis, D.R. & D.E. Weinstein (1998)

Abstract: A half-century of empirical work on the factor proportions theory has identified devise simple amendments that bring theory and data into reasonable congruence. Our study considers standard and novel hypotheses regarding the failures of the Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek formulation and is the first to examine these directly on the technology and absorption data of interest. We show how a few simple and plausible amendments, verified directly by this data, suffice for a striking confirmation of the HOV theory. Countries export the services of abundant factors and in approximately the right magnitude. HOV works.

Protection for Sale: An Empirical Investigation   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Golberg, P.K. & G. Maggi (1999)

Abstract: A prominent model in the recent political-economy literature on trade policy is Grossman and Helpman's (1994) Protection for Sale' model. This model yields clear predictions for the cross-sectional structure of trade protection. The objective of our" paper is to check whether the predictions of the Grossman-Helpman model are consistent with the data and, if the model finds support, to estimate its two key structural parameters: the government's valuation of welfare relative to contributions, and the fraction of the voting population represented by a lobby. We find that the pattern of protection in the U.S. in 1983 is consistent with the basic predictions of the model. Our estimate of the government's valuation of welfare relative to contributions is surprisingly high; the weight of welfare in the government's objective function is estimated to be between 50 and 88 times the weight of contributions.

International Trade Statistics   Recommended!
WTO (2001)

Abstract: This report provides comprehensive, comparable and up-to-date statistics on trade in merchandise and commercial services for an assessment of world trade flows by country, region and main product groups or service categories. Some 240 tables and charts depict trade developments from various perspectives and provide a number of long-term time series as additional information. Major trade developments are summarized and discussed in the first part of the report under Overview. This volume has been produced by a team of statisticians from the Statistics Division in collaboration with the Economic Research and Analysis Division.

After Columbus: Explaining the Global Trade Boom 1500-1800
O'Rourke, K.H. & J.G. Williamson (2001)

Reports on World Agricultural Trade
OECD (2001)

Weightless Machines and Costless Knowledge: An Empirical Analysis of Trade and Technology Diffusion
Navaretti, G.B. & I. Soloaga (2001)

Border Effects within the NAFTA Countries
Rogers, J.H. & H.P. Smith (2001)

Exchange Rate Effects on the Volume of Trade Flows: An Empirical Analysis Employing High-Frequency Data   Acrobat Required
Baum, C.F., M. Caglayan & N. Ozkan (2001)

Global Production Sharing and Rising Inequality: A Survey of Trade and Wages   SURVEY PAPER
Feenstra, R. & G. Hanson (2001)

On Price-Setting for Identtical Products in Markets without Formal Trade Barriers   Acrobat Required
Hassink, W.H.J. & R. Schettkat (2001)

Trade Liberalization in China’s Accession to the World Trade Organization
Ianchovichina, E. & W. Martin (2001)

Plant- and Firm-Level Evidence on "New" Trade Theories
Tybout, J.R. (2001)

Ginis in General Equilibrium: Trade, Technology and Southern Inequality
Chun, S. & D. Trefler (2001)

A Tariff-Growth Paradox? Protection's Impact the World Around 1875-1997
Clemens, M.A. & J.G. Williamson (2001)

Markups, Entry Regulation, and Trade: Does Country Size Matter? | Published
Hoekman, B., H.L. Kee & M. Olarreaga (2001)

Do Rich and Poor Countries Specialize in a Different Mix of Goods? Evidence from Product-Level US Trade Data
Schott, P.K. (2001)

What Role for Empirics in International Trade?
Davis, D.R. & D.E. Weinstein (2001)

Borders, Trade and Welfare
Anderson, J.E. & E. van Wincoop (2001)

Specialization and the Volume of Trade: Do the Data Obey the Laws?   Recommended!   SURVEY PAPER
Harrigan, J. (2001)

Abstract: The core subjects of trade theory are the pattern and volume of trade: which goods are traded by which countries, and how much of those goods are traded. The first part of this paper discusses evidence on comparative advantage, with an emphasis on carefully connecting theoretical models with data analyses. The second part of the paper considers the theoretical foundations of the gravity model and reviews the small number of studies that have tried to test, rather than simply use, the implications of gravity. Both parts of the paper yield the same conclusion: we are still in the very early stages of empirically understanding specialization and the volume of trade, but the work that has been done can serve as a starting point for further research.

Trade Linkages and Output-Multiplier Effects: A Structural VAR Approach with a Focus on Asia
Abeysinghe, T. & K.J. Forbes (2001)

Trade and Production, 1976­-99
Nicita, A. & M. Olarreaga (2001)

Import-Reducing Effect of Trade Barriers: A Cross-Country Investigation
Wang, Q. (2002)

The Composition of Foreign Direct Investment and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: Evidence from Transition Economies
Smarzynska, B.K. (2002)

Testing Trade Theory in Ohlin's Time
Estevadeordal, A. & A.M. Taylor (2002)

Shipping the Good Apples Out? An Empirical Confirmation of the Alchian-Allen Conjecture
Hummels, D. & A. Skiba (2002)

Intra-national Home Bias: Some Explanations
Hillberry, R. & D. Hummels (2002)

The Home Market Effect and Bilateral Trade Patterns
Hanson, G.H. X. Chong (2002)

Liberalization of Trade in Financial Services and Financial Sector Stability (Empirical Approach)
Kireyev, A.P. (2002)

Quantifying the Impact of Trade on Wages: The Role of NonTraded Goods | Published   Wiley Interscience Required
Tokarick, S.P. (2002/2005)

Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services

Closed Jaguar, Open Dragon: Comparing Tariffs in Latin America and Asia before World War II
Clemens, M.A. & J.G. Williamson (2002)

Trade, technology, and productivity: A study of Brazilian manufacturers, 1986-1998   Acrobat Required
Muendler, M.A. (2002)

Compiling and Using Export and Import Price Indices
Zieschang, K.D. & J. Dridi (2003)

Doomed to Deficits? Aggregate U.S. Trade Flows Re-Examined
Chinn, M. (2003)

What Has Happened to Wages in Mexico since NAFTA?
Hanson, G. (2003)

An Econometric Analysis of Trade Diversion under NAFTA Adobe Acrobat Required
Fukao, K., T. Okubo & R.M. Stern (2003)

Bargaining Power and Foreign Direct Investment in China: Can 1.3 Billion Consumers Tame the Multinationals? Adobe Acrobat Required
Braunstein, E. & G. Epstein (2003)

New Estimates of the Average Tariff of the United States, 1790-1820
Irwin, D.A. (2003)

Why Plant-Level Productivity Studies are Often Misleading, and an Alternative Approach to Inference
Katayama, H., S. Lu & J. Tybout (2003)

Evolving Discretionary Practices of U.S Antidumping Activity
Blonigen, B.A. (2003)

Falling Trade Costs, Heterogeneous Firms, and Industry Dynamics | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Bernard, A., J.B. Jensen & P.K. Schott (2003/06)

Strategic Approaches to Science and Technology in Development
Maloney, W.F. & D. Lederman (2003)

Footloose and Pollution-Free | Published   Ingenta Select Required
Ederington, J., A. Levinson & J. Minier (2003/2005)

Measuring the Impact of Distortions in Agricultural Trade in Partial and General Equilibrium
Tokarick, S.P. (2003)

Trade Liberalization, Firm Performance, and Labor Market Outcomes in the Developing World: What Can We Learn from Micro-Level Data?
Epifani, P. (2003)

Trade Reforms and Wage Inequality in Colombia | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Attanasio, O., P. Goldberg & N. Pavcnik (2003)

One Size Fits All? Heckscher-Ohlin Specialization in Global Production   Ingenta Select Required
Schott, P.K. (2003)

Heckscher-Ohlin Theory and Individual Attitudes Towards Globalization | Published   ScienceDirect Required
O'Rourke, K. & R. Sinnott (2003/06)

On the Duration of Trade | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Besedes, T. & T.J. Prusa (2003)

International Trade and Wage Discrimination: Evidence from East Asia
van der Meulen Rodgers, Y., G. Berik & J.E. Zveglich Jr. (2003)

Plants and Productivity in International Trade   Recommended!   Ingenta Select Required
Bernard, A.B., J. Eaton, J.B. Jensen & S. Kortum (2003)

Abstract: We reconcile trade theory with plant-level export behavior, extending the Ricardian model to accommodate many countries, geographic barriers, and imperfect competition. Our model captures qualitatively basic facts about U.S. plants: (i) productivity dispersion, (ii) higher productivity among exporters, (iii) the small fraction who export, (iv) the small fraction earned from exports among exporting plants, and (v) the size advantage of exporters. Fitting the model to bilateral trade among the United States and 46 major trade partners, we examine the impact of globalization and dollar appreciation on productivity, plant entry and exit, and labor turnover in U.S. manufacturing.

Trade Wars: The Exaggerated Impact of Trade in Economic Debate
Freeman, R.B. (2003)

Heterogeneity and the FDI versus Export Decision of Japanese Manufacturers
Head, K. & J. Ries (2003)

Is Japan's Trade (still) Different?
Harrigan, J. & R. Vanjani (2003)

Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: How Relevant Are Host-country and Industry Characteristics?   Acrobat Required
Nunnenkamp, P. & J. Spatz (2003)

Which Countries Export FDI, and How Much?
Razin, A., Y. Rubinstein & E. Sadka (2003)

Does the WTO Make Trade More Stable?
Rose, A.K. (2004)

Outsourcing--Stains on the White Collar?   Acrobat Required
Kirkegaard, J.F. (2004)

Armington Elasticities in Intermediate Inputs Trade: A Problem in Using Multilateral Trade Data
Saito, M. (2004)

Globalization and the Gains from Variety
Borda, C. & D.E. Weinstein (2004)

How Much Do Trading Partners Matter for Economic Growth?
Arora, V.B. (2004)

Dissecting Trade: Firms, Industries, and Export Destinations
Eaton, J., S. Kortum & F. Kramarz (2004)

Globalization and the Gains from Variety
Broda, C. & D. Weinstein (2004)

The Real Effects of Finance: Evidence from Exports   Acrobat Required
Becker, B. & D. Greenberg (2004)

Inappropriate Pooling of Wealthy and Poor Countries in Empirical FDI Studies
Blonigen, B.A. & M. Wang (2004)

Intraregional Trade in Emerging Asia
Zebregs, H.H. (2004)

How Has NAFTA Affected the Mexican Economy? Review and Evidence
Kose, A., G.M. Meredith & C.M. Towe (2004)

Trade, Regulations, and Growth
Bolaky, B. & C. Freund (2004)

The Global Distribution of Trademarks: Some Stylized Facts
Baroncelli, E., C. Fink & B. Smarzynska (2004)

How Confident Can We Be in CGE-Based Assessments of Free Trade Agreements? | Published   ScienceDirect Required   Recommended!
Hertel, T., D. Hummels, M. Ivanic & R. Keeney (2004/07)

Abstract: Computable General Equilibrium models, widely used for the analysis of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are often criticized for having poor econometric foundations. This paper improves the linkage between econometric estimates of key parameters and their usage in CGE analysis in order to better evaluate the likely outcome of a FTA for the Americas. Our econometric work focuses on estimation of the elasticity of substitution among imports from different countries, which is especially critical for evaluating the positive and normative outcomes of FTAs. We match the data in the econometric exercise to the policy experiment at hand. Then we sample from the distribution of parameter values given by our econometric estimates in order to generate a distribution of model results, from which we can construct confidence intervals. We conclude that there is great potential for combining econometric work with CGE-based policy analysis in order to produce a richer set of results that are likely to prove more satisfying to the sophisticated policy maker.

Trade Costs | Published Recommended!   SURVEY PAPER   Ingenta Select Required
Anderson, J.A. & E. van Wincoop (2004)

Moving Up or Moving Out? Anti-Sweatshop Activists and Labor Market Outcomes | Published Recommended!
Harrison, A. & J. Scorse (2004/10)

Abstract: During the 1990s, anti-sweatshop activists campaigned to improve conditions for workers in developing countries. This paper analyzes the impact of anti-sweatshop campaigns in Indonesia on wages and employment. Identification is based on comparing the wage growth of workers in foreign-owned and exporting firms in targeted regions or sectors before and after the initiation of anti-sweatshop campaigns. We find the campaigns led to large real wage increases for targeted enterprises. There were some costs in terms of reduced investment, falling profits, and increased probability of closure for smaller plants, but we fail to find significant effects on employment.

Trade Liberalization and Pollution Havens | Published
Ederington, J., A. Levinson & J. Minier (2004)

Trade, Inequality, and Poverty: What Do We Know? Evidence from Recent Trade Liberalization Episodes in Developing Countries
Goldberg, P.K. & N. Pavcnik (2004)

On the Measurement of Product Variety in Trade   Ingenta Select Required
Feenstra, R. & H. Looi Kee (2004)

The Factor Content of Bilateral Trade: An Empirical Test
Choi, Y-S. & P. Krishna (2004)

Trade and Productivity   Ingenta Select Required
Alcala, F. & A. Ciccone (2004)

Across-product Versus Within-product Specialization in International Trade   Ingenta Select Required
Schott, P.K. (2004)

A Flexible Modeling Framework to Estimate Interregional Trade Patterns and Input-Output Accounts
Wang, Z. & P. Canning (2004)

Overseas Assembly and Country Sourcing Choices
Swenson, D.L. (2004)

Will you Buy My Peg? The Credibility of a Fixed Exchange Rate Regime as a Determinant of Bilateral Trade
Bernhard, F-K. & E.M. Jurzyk (2004)

China Bashing 2004   Acrobat Required
Hugbauer, G.C. & Y. Wong (2004)

The Impact of China on the Exports of Other Asian Countries
Eichengreen, B., Y. Rhee & H. Tong (2004)

Working the System: Firm Learning and the Antidumping Process
Blonigen, B.A. (2004)

The Long and Short of the Canada-U. S. Free Trade Agreement   Ingenta Select Required
Trefler, D. (2004)

Fear of Service Outsourcing: Is It Justified?
Amiti, M. & S-J. Wei (2004)

Export Variety and Country Productivity
Feenstra, R.C. & H.L. Kee (2004)

Does Exporting Increase Productivity? A Microeconometric Analysis of Matched Firms   Wiley Interscience Required
Girma, S., D. Greenaway & R. Kneller (2004)

Is Mexico A Lumpy Country? | Published   Wiley Interscience Required
Bernard, A.B., R. Robertson & P.K. Schott (2004/10)

Demographic Changes and International Factor Mobility
Helliwell, J.F. (2004)

In Search of 'Offshoring': Evidence from U.S. Imports of Services   Acrobat Required
Van Welsum, D. (2004)

The currency union effect on trade and the FDI channel   Acrobat Required
De Sousa. J. & J. Lochard (2004)

World Trade Flows: 1962-2000
Feenstra, R., R.E. Lipsey, H. Deng, A.C. Ma & H. Mo (2005)

Abstract: We document a set of bilateral trade data by commodity for 1962-2000, which is available from (International Trade Data, NBER-UN world trade data). Users must agree not to resell or distribute the data for 1984-2000. The data are organized by the 4-digit Standard International Trade Classification, revision 2, with country codes similar to the United Nations classification. This dataset updates the Statistics Canada World Trade Database as described in Feenstra, Lipsey, and Bowen (1997), which was available for years 1970-1992. In that database, Statistics Canada had revised the United Nations trade data, mostly derived from the export side, to fit the Canadian trade classification and in some cases to add data not available from the export reports. In contrast, in the new NBER-UN dataset we give primacy to the trade flows reported by the importing country, whenever they are available, assuming that these are more accurate than reports by the exporters. If the importer report is not available for a country-pair, however, then the corresponding exporter report is used instead. Corrections and additions are made to the United Nations data for trade flows to and from the United States, exports from Hong Kong and China, and imports into many other countries.

Does Tariff Liberalization Increase Wage Inequality? Some Empirical Evidence
Milanovic, B. & L. Squire (2005)

Foreign Direct Investment vs. Foreign Portfolio Investment
Goldstein, I. & A. Razin (2005)

NAFTA's and CUSFTA's Impact on International Trade
Romalis, J. (2005)

The Effects of the Colombian Trade Liberalization on Urban Poverty
Goldberg, P.K. & N. Pavcnik (2005)

Growth, Expansion of Markets, and Income Elasticities in World Trade
Wu, Y. (2005)

How Do Differing Standards Increase Trade Costs? The Case of Pallets
Aldaz-Carroll, E. & G. Raballand (2005)

The effect of trade liberalization on child labor   ScienceDirect Required
Edmonds, E.V. & N. Pavcnik (2005)

Trade raises income: a precise and robust result   ScienceDirect Required
Noguer, M. & M. Siscart (2005)

Outsourcing Price Decisions: Evidence from U.S. 9802 Imports
Swenson, D. (2005)

Is Trade Good or Bad for the Environment? Sorting out the Causality   Ingenta Select Required
Frankel, J.A. & A.K. Rose (2005)

The Structure of Factor Content Predictions | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Trefler, D. & S.C. Zhu (2005/10)

What does evidence tell us about fragmentation and outsourcing?   ScienceDirect Required
Jones, R., H. Kierzkowski & C. Lurong (2005)

The Trade Liberalization Evaluation (TLE) Methodology | Comment   ScienceDirect Required
Estrada, M.A.R./De Lombaerde, P.A.A. (2005/06)

An Empirical Assessment of the Comparative Advantage Gains from Trade: Evidence from Japan   Ingenta Select Required
Bernhofen, D.M. & J.C. Brown (2005)

Outsourcing Tariff Evasion: A New Explanation for Entrepot Trade
Fisman, R., P. Moustakerski & S-J. Wei (2005)

Wealth as a Determinant of Comparative Advantage   Ingenta Select Required
Wynne, J. (2005)

Importers, Exporters, and Multinationals: A Portrait of Firms in the U.S. that Trade Goods
Bernard, A.B., J.B. Jensen & P.K. Schott (2005)

Trade Responses to Geographic Frictions: A Decomposition Using Micro-Data | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Hillberry, R. & D. Hummels (2005/08)

The Variety and Quality of a Nation's Exports   Ingenta Select Required
Hummels, D. & P. Klenow (2005)

Heterogeneous Firms and Trade: Testable and Untestable Properties of the Melitz Model
Baldwin, R. (2005)

A Note on the Empirical Implementation of the Lens Condition
Bernard, A.B., R. Robertson & P.K. Schott (2005)

Wake Up and Smell the Ginseng: The Rise of Incremental Innovation in Low-Wage Countries | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Puga, D. & D. Trefler (2005/09)

U.S. Jobs Gained and Lost through Trade: A Net Measure
Groshen, E.L., B. Hobijn & M.M. McConnell (2005)

Trade and Development Report: New Features of Global Interdependence   Recommended!
UNCTAD (2005)

Abstract: From the perspective of the Millennium Development Goals, it is good news that in 2004 per capita incomes grew almost everywhere in the developing world, and that short-term prospects are favourable. The bad news is that in sub-Saharan Africa even GDP growth of close to 5 per cent is still insufficient to attain the MDGs. The global outlook for 2005 and beyond is overshadowed by increasing global trade imbalances. How can these be corrected without a worldwide recession? The solution has to build on higher domestic demand in Europe and Japan, but a coordinated international macroeconomic approach that includes the major developing countries is also needed.

World Trade and Global Integration in Production Processes: A Re-assessment of Import Demand Equations   Acrobat Required
Barrell, R. & S. Dees (2005)

Increasing returns and market efficiency in agricultural trade   ScienceDirect Required
Fafchamps, M., E. Gabre-Madhin & B. Minten (2005)

International trade, economic growth and intellectual property rights: A panel data study of developed and developing countries   ScienceDirect Required
Schneider, P.H. (2005)

The Welfare Cost of Autarky: Evidence from the Jeffersonian Trade Embargo, 1807-09   Wiley Interscience Required
Irwin, D.A. (2005)

Which International Institutions Promote International Trade?   Wiley Interscience Required
Rose, A.K. (2005)

Distance and International Banking   Wiley Interscience Required
Buch, C.M. (2005)

Transpacific Trade Imbalances: Causes and Cures   Acrobat Required
Lee, J-W., W.J. McKibbin & Y.C. Park (2005)

Tradable Services: Understanding the Scope and Impact of Services Offshoring   Acrobat Required
Jensen, J.B. & L.G. Kletzer (2005)

International Trade in East Asia   Recommended!   CONFERENCE VOLUME
Ito, T. (editor) (2005)

Abstract: The practice of trading across international borders has undergone a series of changes with great consequences for the world trading community, the result of new trade agreements, a number of financial crises, the emergence of the World Trade Organization, and countless other less obvious developments. Here, a group of esteemed contributors provides a summary of empirical factors of international trade specifically as they pertain to East Asian countries such as China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Trade Costs, Trade Balances and Current Accounts: An Application of Gravity to Multilateral Trade   Acrobat Required
Fazio, G., R. MacDonald & J. Melitz (2005)

Trade Potentials in Gravity Panel Data Models
De Benedictis, L. & C. Vicarelli (2005)

Is free trade deflationary?   ScienceDirect Required
Kim, M. & H. Beladi (2005)

A Test of Trade Theories when Expenditure is Home Biased | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Brülhart, M. & F. Trionfetti (2005/09)

A Re-Examination of the Border Effect
Gorodnichenko, Y. & L. Tesar (2005)

Supply Capacity, Vertical Specialization and Tariff Rates: The Implications for Aggregate U.S. Trade Flow Equations
Chinn, M.D. (2005)

Alternative Techniques for Estimation of Cross-Section Gravity Models   Wiley Interscience Required
Egger, P. (2005)

Intraindustry Trade and Relative Factor Endowments   Wiley Interscience Required
Cieslik, A. (2005)

Factor Price Equality and the Economies of the United States
Bernard, A.B., S.J. Redding & P.K. Schott (2005)

Supply Capacity, Vertical Specialization and Tariff Rates: The Implications for Aggregate U.S. Trade Flow Equations   Acrobat Required
Chinn, M.D. (2005)

Preference Erosion and Multilateral Trade Liberalization
Francois, J.F., B. Hoekman & M. Manchin (2005)

International diffusion and intellectual property rights: An empirical analysis   ScienceDirect Required
McCalman, P. (2005)

North, South and Distance in the Gravity Model | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Melitz, J. (2005/07)

The Complementary Role of Exports and R&D Investments as Sources of Productivity Growth
Aw, B.Y., M.J. Roberts & T. Winston (2005)

Imports and Productivity
Halpern, L., M. Koren & A. Szeidl (2005)

Does External Trade Promote Financial Development?
Huang, Y. & J.R. Temple (2005)

International trade and child labor: Cross-country evidence   ScienceDirect Required
Edmonds, E.V. & N. Pavcnik (2005)

Survival of the best fit: Exposure to low-wage countries and the (uneven) growth of U.S. manufacturing plants   ScienceDirect Required
Bernard, A.B., J.B. Jensen & P.K. Schott (2005)

Product quality and the direction of trade   ScienceDirect Required
Hallak, J.C. (2005)

How Does Trade Openness Influence Budget Deficits in Developing Countries?
Combes, J-L. & T. Saadi-Sedik (2006)

Trade and inequality in wages and unemployment   ScienceDirect Required
Bjřrnstad, R. & T. Skjerpen (2006)

Service Offshoring and Productivity: Evidence from the United States
Amiti, M. & S-J. Wei (2006)

Will the Doha Round Lead to Preference Erosion? | Published
Amiti, M. & J. Romalis (2006/07)

Do Tariffs Matter for the Extensive Margin of International Trade? An Empirical Analysis | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Debaere, P.M. & S. Mostashari (2006/10)

Revisiting the effects of regional trade agreements on trade flows with proper specification of the gravity model   ScienceDirect Required
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Abstract: Many historical accounts have asserted that containerization triggered complementary technological and organizational changes that revolutionized global freight transport. We are the first to suggest an identification strategy for estimating the effects of the container revolution on world trade. Our empirical strategy exploits time and cross-sectional variation in countries' first adoption of container facilities and combines it with product-level variation in containerizability and container usage. Applying our container variables on a large panel of product level trade flows for the period 1962–1990, our estimates suggest economically large concurrent and cumulative effects of containerization and lend support for the view of containerization being a driver of 20th century economic globalization.

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Export Product Concentration and De Facto Fiscal Space: Does Openness to International Trade matter?   De Gruyter Journals Required
Gnangnon, S.K. (2018)

Exchange Rate Volatility and Trade: External Exchange Rate Volatility Matters   Acrobat Required
Tunc, C., M.N. Solakoglu, A. Hazar & S. Babuscu (2018)

A Prima Facie Evidence on the Impact of Export Diversification on Relative Trade Preferential Margin   De Gruyter Journals Required
Gnangnon, S.K. (2018)

Services Development and Comparative Advantage in Manufacturing
Liu, X., A. Mattoo, Z. Wang & S-J. Wei (2018)

Long-term relatedness between countries and international migrant selection   ScienceDirect Required
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Managing Trade: Evidence from China and the US
Bloom, N., K. Manova, J. Van Reenen, S.T. Sun & Z. Yu (2018)

Gravity and Comparative Advantage: Estimation of Trade Elasticities for the Agricultural Sector
Heerman, K.E.R. & I.M. Sheldon (2018)

Currency Wars? Unconventional Monetary Policy Does Not Stimulate Exports
Rose, A.K. (2018)

Of Mice and Merchants: Trade and Growth in the Iron Age
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Measuring Bilateral Exports of Value Added: A Unified Framework
Los, B. & M.P. Timmer (2018)

Does Machine Translation Affect International Trade? Evidence from a Large Digital Platform
Brynjolfsson, E., X. Hui & M. Liu (2018)

Export spillover and location choice   ScienceDirect Required
Hong, C. & H. Wu (2018)

Living with Lower Productivity Growth: Impact on Exports
di Mauro, F., B. Mottironi, G. Ottaviano & A. Zona-Mattioli (2018)

Exporters' product vectors across markets   ScienceDirect Required
Fontagné, L., A. Secchi & C. Tomasi (2018)

Tariff scares: Trade policy uncertainty and foreign market entry by Chinese firms   ScienceDirect Required
Crowley, M., N. Meng & H. Song (2018)

Trade and Domestic Production Networks
Tintelnot, F., A.K. Kikkawa, M. Mogstad & E. Dhyne (2018)

Trading across Borders in Online Auctions
Krasnokutskaya, E., C. Terwiesch & L. Tiererova (2018)

The Intensive Margin in Trade
Fernandes, A.M., P.J. Klenow, S. Meleshchuk, D. Pierola & A. Rodriguez-Clare (2018)

Exporting and Plant-Level Efficiency Gains: It's in the Measure   UChicago Journals Required
Voigtlaender, N. & A. Garcia-Marin (2018)

Multi-destination firms and the impact of exchange-rate risk on trade   ScienceDirect Required
Héricourt, J. & C. Nedoncelle (2018)

The Intensive Margin in Trade
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Organizing Global Supply Chains: Input Cost Shares and Vertical Integration
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Techies, Trade, and Skill-Biased Productivity
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Venting Out: Exports During a Domestic Slump
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Immigration and firms' integration in international production networks   ScienceDirect Required
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The surprising instability of export specializations   ScienceDirect Required
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Global Value Chains: What are the Benefits and Why Do Countries Participate?
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Effective Trade Costs and the Current Account: An Empirical Analysis
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Commodity Terms of Trade: A New Database
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Does the distinction between gross and value-added exports matter? An empirical investigation of export elasticities   Wiley Interscience Required
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The impact of oil prices on trade   Wiley Interscience Required
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Indirect measures of trade costs: Limitations and caveats   ScienceDirect Required
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Exporting Sweatshops? Evidence from Myanmar   MIT Press Subscription Required
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Export take-offs and acceleration: Unpacking cross-sector linkages in the evolution of comparative advantage   ScienceDirect Required
Bahar, D., S. Rosenow, E. Stein & R. Wagner (2019)

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Regional/Multilateral Integration Agreements

New Dimensions in Regional Integration   Recommended!
de Melo, J. & A. Panagariya (1993)

Abstract: Interest in regional integration has recently revived in both developed and developing countries. The United States has responded to the lack of progress in the Uruguay Round of the GATT by pursuing bilateral trade negotiations with Canada and Mexico, while the developing countries' trade liberalizations of the 1980s have prompted them to re-evaluate the potential benefits of regional integration. The tendency for the world trading system to divide into three blocs - the European Community, the Americas and East Asia - is providing their members with guaranteed access to large markets, but non-member countries will suffer from the loss of access and there is an increasing risk of trade wars. In this book, derived from a conference organized jointly by the World Bank and CEPR in April 1992, leading international experts assess the renewed attractiveness of regional integration to individual countries, the types of integration that are suitable to various circumstances, the conditions necessary to their success, and the relationship between regionalism and multilateral free trade.

Regionalism versus Multilateralism   Recommended!   Acrobat Required
Winters, A. (1995)

Abstract: The literature on regionalism versus multilateralism is growing as economists and political scientists grapple with the question of whether regional integration arrangements are good or bad for the multilateral system. Are regional integration arrangements "building blocks or stumbling blocks," in Jagdish Bhagwati's phrase, or stepping stones toward multilateralism? As economists worry about the ability of the World Trade Organization to maintain the GATT's unsteady yet distinct momentum toward liberalism, and as they contemplate the emergence of world-scale regional integration arrangements (the EU, NAFTA, FTAA, APEC, and, possibly, TAFTA), the question has never been more pressing. Winters switches the focus from the immediate consequences of regionalism for the economic welfare of the integrating partners to the question of whether it sets up forces that encourage or discourage evolution toward globally freer trade. The answer is, "We don't know yet." One can build models that suggest either conclusion, but these models are still so abstract that they should be viewed as parables rather than sources of testable predictions.

Open Regionalism   Recommended!
Bergsten, C.F. (1997)

Abstract: “Open regionalism” represents an effort to resolve one of the central problems of contemporary trade policy: how to achieve compatibility between the explosion of regional trading arrangements 1 around the world and the global trading system as embodied in the World Trade Organization. The concept seeks to assure that regional agreements will in practice be building blocks for further global liberalization rather than stumbling blocks that deter such progress.

Preferential and Non-Preferential Trade Flows in World Trade
Grether, J.M. & M. Olarreagas (1998)

Can Bilateralism Ease the Pains of Multilateral Trade Liberlization?
Cadot, O., J. de Melo & M. Olarreaga (1998)

Regional Integration Agreements: A Force for Convergence or Divergence?
Venables, A.J. (1999)

An Economic Theory of GATT   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Bagwell, K. & R.W. Staiger (1999)

Abstract: We propose a unified theoretical framework within which to interpret and evaluate the foundational principles of GATT. Working within a general equilibrium trade model, we represent government preferences in a way that is consistent with national income maximization but also allows for the possibility of distributional concerns as emphasized in leading political-economy models. Using this general framework, we establish that GATT's principles of reciprocity and non-discrimination can be viewed as simple rules that assist governments in their effort to implement efficient trade agreements. From this perspective, we argue that preferential agreements undermine GATT's ability to deliver efficient multilateral outcomes.

The Role of Multilateral Institutions in International Trade Cooperation   Recommended!   JSTOR Required
Maggi, G. (1999)

Abstract: The World Trade Organization (WTO) lacks the power to directly enforce agreements. It is therefore important to understand what role the WTO can play to facilitate international cooperation, and whether a multilateral institution can offer distinct advantages over a web of bilateral agreements. This paper examines two potential benefits of a multilateral trade institution: first, verifying violations of the agreements and informing third parties, thus facilitating multilateral reputation mechanisms; second, promoting multilateral trade negotiations rather than a web of bilateral negotiations. The model suggests that a multilateral approach is particularly important when there are strong imbalances in bilateral trading relationships.

The Long and Short of the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement
Trefler, D. (2001)

South-South Regional Integration and Industrial Growth: The Case of the Andean Pact
Madani, D.H. (2001)

Trade Integration and Risk Sharing   Acrobat Required
Kraay, A. & J. Ventura (2001)

Is Mercosur a Stepping Stone for Global Competition? An Empirical Assesment   Acrobat Required
Olarreaga, M. (2001)

Financial Globalization and Real Regionalization   Acrobat Required
Heathcote, J. & F. Perri (2001)

Regional Integration and Industrial Growth among Developing Countries: The Case of Three ASEAN Members
Madani, D.H. (2001)

Mega trading blocks: friend or foe of free trade?
Crawford, J. & S. Laird (2001)

Regional Integration and Development in Small States
Schiff, M. (2002)

Regionalism and the WTO   CONFERENCE PAPERS   Recommended!
Various (2002)

Abstract: Proceedings of a conference on regionalism and the WTO, held April 26, 2002 at the WTO.

Regional Agreements and Trade in Services
Mattoo, A. & C. Fink (2002)

Trade-Related Technology Diffusion and the Dynamics of North-South and South-South Integration
Schiff, M., W. Yanling & M. Olarreaga (2002)

Regional Cooperation, and the Role of International Organizations and Regional Integration
Schiff, M. & A.L. Winters (2002)

Agriculture in the Doha Agenda
Messerlin, P. (2003)

The Monetary Consequences of a Free Trade Area of the Americas
Eichengreen, B. & A.M. Taylor (2003)

Gradualism in free trade agreements: a theoretical justification   ScienceDirect Required
Chisik, R. (2003)

East Asia Integrates: a trade policy for shared growth   Recommended!
Krumm, K. & H. Kharas (Editors) (2003)

Abstract: Countries of East Asia face a substantial challenge to sustain income growth and poverty reduction in today’s competitive global economy, as they continue to recover from the 1997 financial crisis and to adapt to China’s emergence as a major world and regional trader. But even as they make decisions about the pace and extent of change needed to compete in the new East Asia, governments also face fundamental challenges to ensure that the benefits of regional and global trade are shared more evenly, among and within countries and social groups. These challenges can be met if action is taken to promote formal economic cooperation through trade and investment liberalization, consistent with a strong development orientation, according to the World Bank’s latest research on trade in East Asia. East Asia Integrates: A Trade Policy for Shared Growth, released today in Singapore, urges that this emerging, complex agenda, be addressed through an integrated regional trade strategy for East Asia – one that is more open and equitable than in the past.

Reciprocity in Free Trade Agreements
Freund, C. (2003)

What Would a Development-Friendly WTO Architecture Really Look Like?
Mattoo, A. & A. Subramanian (2003)

The Case for Auctioning Countermeasures in the WTO | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Bagwell, K., P.C. Mavroidis & R.W. Staiger (2003/07)

More Favorable and Differential Treatment of Developing Countries: Toward a New Approach in the World Trade Organization
Michalopoulos, C., L.A. Winters & B. Hoekman (2003)

The Impact of China’s WTO Accession on East Asia
Ianchovichina, E. & T. Walmsley (2003)

Emerging Trends in WTO Dispute Settlement: Back to the GATT?
Holmes, P., J. Rollo & A.R. Young (2003)

The WTO Promotes Trade, Strongly But Unevenly | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Subramanian, A. & S-J. Wei (2003/07)

The United States and the New Regionalism/ Bilateralism
Hilaire, A. & Y. Yang (2003)

Regional Blocs and Foreign Direct Investment   Wiley Interscience Required
Donnenfeld, S. (2003)

Regional Integration and Development   Recommended!
Schiff, M. & L.A. Winters (2003)

Abstract: The growth of regional trading blocs has been one of the major developments in international relations in recent years. This volume extends the literature on it by examining regionalism from the viewpoint of developing countries, by providing a comprehensive account of existing theory and empirical results, by incorporating the findings of formal analyses of the politics and dynamics of regionalism, and by analyzing issues of credibility, deep integration, and the relationship between regionalism and multilateralism. In addition the volume offers concrete guidance to policy makers. Regional integration has an ambiguous impact on welfare and is too complex and case-specific to permit universal operational rules. Nevertheless, the authors have extracted a number of robust messages from the analysis that apply in the majority of circumstances. These are collected together into eight themes, broken down into thirty rules of thumb, that should guide policy makers considering creating or joining a new trade bloc.

In defence of the WTO: hard rules are better than no rules at all?
Holmes, P. (2003)

The Trade and Investment Effects of Preferential Trading Arrangements
Dee, P. & J. Gali (2003)

The Impacts of an East Asia FTA on Foreign Trade in East Asia
Urata, S. & K. Kiyota (2003)

WTO Dispute Settlements in East Asia
Ahn, D. (2003)

China's Integration into the World Economy: Implications for Developing Countries
Yang, Y. (2003)

The Impact of Free Trade Agreements in Asia   Adobe Acrobat Required
Kawasaki. K. (2003)

After Cancun: Possibilities for a New North-South Grand Bargain on Trade
Palley, T.I. (2003)

NAFTA and Mexico's Less-Than-Stellar Performance
Tornell, A., F. Westermann & L. Martinez (2004)

China: International Trade and WTO Accession
Rumbaugh, T.R. & N.R. Blancher (2004)

Multilateral trade negotiations, bilateral opportunism and the rules of GATT/WTO | Erratum   ScienceDirect Required
Bagwell, K. & R.W. Staiger (2004/05)

Special and Differential Treatment in the WTO: Why, When and How?
Keck, A. & P. Low (2004)

The WTO and the Poorest Countries: The Stark Reality
Mattoo, A. & A. Subramanian (2004)

Are regional trading arrangements trade creating? An application of extreme bounds analysis   ScienceDirect Required
Ghosh, S. & S. Yamarik (2004)

Regionalism and Multilateral Trade Liberalization with Asymmetric Countries   Wiley Interscience Required
Hadjiyiannis, C. (2004)

A strategic and welfare theoretic analysis of free trade areas   ScienceDirect Required
Bond, E.W., R.G. Riezman & C. Syropoulos (2004)

Economic determinants of free trade agreements   ScienceDirect Required
Baier, S.L. & J.H. Bergstrand (2004)

North-South Technology Diffusion, Regional Integration, and the Dynamics of the “Natural Trading Partners” Hypothesis
Schiff, M. & Y. Wang (2004)

The Development Round of trade negotiations in the aftermath of Cancun   Adobe Acrobat Required
Stiglitz, J. & A. Charlton (2004)

Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Trade Agreements: The Market Size Effect Revisited
Jaumotte, F. (2004)

Regionalism in Standards: Good or Bad for Trade?
Chen, M.X. & A. Mattoo (2004)

The World Trade Organization: Legal, Economic and Political Analysis   Recommended!
Macrory, P.F.J., A.E. Appleton & M.G. Plummer (2005)

Abstract: With more than eighty chapters, this three-volume work – described by the current Director-General of the World Trade Organization as an "outstanding contribution" to understanding the world trading system – is by far the most comprehensive study yet undertaken of the WTO. Contributors to the book include two former Directors-General of the WTO, a former Deputy Director-General, a former and a present member of the WTO Appellate Body, and several present and former officials of the WTO Secretariat. They also include a number of former heads of country delegations to the GATT and the WTO, as well as leading academics and practitioners from many countries. The core of the book is the section on the legal framework of the WTO, which contains detailed legal analyses of the GATT 1994 and each of the specialized WTO agreements, as well as a discussion of the institutional framework of the WTO. The book also includes a number of chapters on the WTO dispute resolution process – a critical part of the world trading system – and on the growing phenomenon of regional trade agreements. In addition, the book contains sections discussing important political aspects of the WTO, such as the relationship between trade and the environment, labor, and human rights. A section on economic issues includes chapters analyzing the economic aspects of such critical aspects as anti-dumping, safeguards, trade and the environment, and trade and labor. A series of country reports considers the WTO from the perspective of individual members and would-be members, ranging from the United States and the European Union to Mongolia.

International Cooperation on Domestic Policies: Lessons from the WTO Competition Policy Debate
Hoekman, B. & K. Saggi (2004)

Understanding Rules of Origin   SURVEY PAPER
Krishna, K. (2005)

The Clash of Liberalizations: Preferential versus Multilateral Trade Liberalization in the European Union | Published   ScienceDirect Required
Karacaovali, B. & N. Limao (2005/08)

What Does Regional Trade in South Asia Reveal about Future Trade Integration? Some Empirical Evidence
Pitigala, N. (2005)

The World Trade Organization: Legal, Economic and Political Analysis   Recommended!
Macrory, P.F.J., A.E. Appleton & M.G. Plummer (2005)

Abstract: With more than eighty chapters, this three-volume work – described by the current Director-General of the World Trade Organization as an "outstanding contribution" to understanding the world trading system – is by far the most comprehensive study yet undertaken of the WTO. Contributors to the book include two former Directors-General of the WTO, a former Deputy Director-General, a former and a present member of the WTO Appellate Body, and several present and former officials of the WTO Secretariat. They also include a number of former heads of country delegations to the GATT and the WTO, as well as leading academics and practitioners from many countries. The core of the book is the section on the legal framework of the WTO, which contains detailed legal analyses of the GATT 1994 and each of the specialized WTO agreements, as well as a discussion of the institutional framework of the WTO. The book also includes a number of chapters on the WTO dispute resolution process – a critical part of the world trading system – and on the growing phenomenon of regional trade agreements. In addition, the book contains sections discussing important political aspects of the WTO, such as the relationship between trade and the environment, labor, and human rights. A section on economic issues includes chapters analyzing the economic aspects of such critical aspects as anti-dumping, safeguards, trade and the environment, and trade and labor. A series of country reports considers the WTO from the perspective of individual members and would-be members, ranging from the United States and the European Union to Mongolia. The book is an essential tool for anyone with a professional interest in the WTO, ranging from government officials involved in trade policy to legal practitioners to academics.

Beyond Goods and Services: Competition Policy, Investment, Mutual Recognition, Movement of Persons, and Broader Cooperation Provisions of Recent FTAs involving ASEAN Countries
Dayaratna Banda, O.G. & J. Whalley (2005)

International fragmentation and the new economic geography   ScienceDirect Required
Jones, R.W. & H. Kierzkowski (2005)

The Economic Analysis of International Production/Distribution Networks in East Asia and Latin America: The Implication of Regional Trade Arrangements
Kimura, F. & M. Ando (2005)

Trade preferences to small developing countries and the welfare costs of lost multilateral liberalization
Limao, N. & M. Olarreago (2005)

The Changing Landscape of Regional Trade Agreements   Acrobat Required
Crawford, J. & R.V. Fiorentino (2005)

The WTO After 10 Years: Global Problems and Multilateral Solutions   Recommended!   CONFERENCE PAPERS
Various Authors (2005)

Abstract: Papers and presentations from the recent WTO public symposium "WTO After 10 Years: Global Problems and Multilateral Solutions" are now available on the WTO website. This year's event coincided with the 10th Anniversary of the WTO. Participants from governments, parliaments, civil society, the business sector, academia and the media were invited to analyse and reflect upon these past ten years and discuss the challenges the organization faces into the future.

Preferential Trade Agreements as Stumbling Blocks for Multilateral Trade Liberalization: Evidence for the US
Limao, N. (2005)

Trade Agreements as Self-Protection   Wiley Interscience Required
Wu, J.P. (2005)

Rules of Origin in North-South Preferential Trading Arrangements with an Application to NAFTA   Wiley Interscience Required
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Preferential Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific Region
Feridhanusetyawan, T. (2005)

BRICSAM and the Non-WTO
Antkiewicz, A. & J. Whalley (2005)

Trade creating free trade areas and the undermining of multilateralism   ScienceDirect Required
Ornelas, E. (2005)

Product Specific Rules of Origin in EU and U.S. Preferential Trading Agreements: An Assessment
Cadot, O., C. Carrere, J. de Melo & B. Tumurchudur (2005)

European Union–developing country FTAs: overview and analysis   ScienceDirect Required
Francois, J.F., M. McQueen & G. Wignaraja (2005)

Preference erosion and multilateral trade liberalization
Francois, J., B. Hoekman & M. Manchin (2005)

How often are propositions on the effects of regional trade agreements theoretical curiosa?   ScienceDirect Required
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Bilateralism and Free Trade   Wiley Interscience Required
Goyal, S. & S. Joshi (2006)

Multilateralism and Hub-and-Spoke Bilateralism   Wiley Interscience Required
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Trade Issues in the Doha Round: Dispelling Some Misconceptions | Published   Ingenta Select Required
Tokarick, S. (2006/08)

The world trading system: In the fog of uncertainty
Ostry, S. (2006)

Winners and Losers from the Gradual Formation of Trading Blocs   Acrobat Required
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Recent Regional Agreements: Why So Many, Why So Much Variance in Form, Why Coming So fast, and Where are They Headed?   Acrobat Required
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Quality of Governance and the Formation of Preferential Trade Agreements   Wiley Interscience Required
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Rules of origin for preferential trading arrangements: implications for the ASEAN Free Trade Area of EU and U.S. experience
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Preferential trade agreements and their role in world trade
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Patterns of International Cooperation and the Explanatory Power of Relative Gains: An Analysis of Cooperation on Global Climate Change, Ozone Depletion, and International Trade   Wiley Interscience Required
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Do free trade agreements actually increase members' international trade?   ScienceDirect Required
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When Do Trade Blocs Block Trade?   Wiley Interscience Required
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Does WTO Membership Make a Difference at the Extensive Margin of World Trade?   Acrobat Required
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Will the Doha Round Lead to Preference Erosion?
Amiti, M. & J. Romalis (2007)

Regionalization, Changes in Home Bias, and the Growth of World Trade
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Endogenous trade bloc formation in an asymmetric world   ScienceDirect Required
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Free trade networks   ScienceDirect Required
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Normative comparisons of customs unions and other types of free trade association   ScienceDirect Required
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Evaluating the trade effect of developing regional trade agreements : a semi-parametric approach
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Pareto-optimal Delegation in Customs Unions   Wiley Interscience Required
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Is Regionalism Viable? A Case for Global Free Trade   Wiley Interscience Required
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Feasible multilateralism and the effects of regionalism   ScienceDirect Required
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Are Trade Blocs Building or Stumbling Blocks? New Evidence
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The trade structure effects of endogenous regional trade agreements   ScienceDirect Required
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Recurrent trade agreements and the value of external enforcement   ScienceDirect Required
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Trade Creation and Diversion Revisited: Accounting for Model Uncertainty and Natural Trading Partner Effects
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New measures of trade creation and trade diversion   ScienceDirect Required
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Big-Think Regionalism: a Critical Survey
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Enlargement and common external tariff in a political-economic model of customs union   Acrobat Required
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Estimating the effects of free trade agreements on international trade flows using matching econometrics   ScienceDirect Required
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Do countries free ride on MFN?   ScienceDirect Required
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In Search of WTO Trade Effects:Preferential Trade Agreements Promote Trade Strongly, But Unevenly | Published   ScienceDirect Required
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Global Free Trade is in the Core of a Customs Union Game   Wiley Interscience Required
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WTO as Moral Support   Wiley Interscience Required
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Implications of WTO disciplines for special economic zones in developing countries
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Regional Trade Integration and Multinational Firm Strategies
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Alternatives to the Doha Round   ScienceDirect Required
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Joining the World Trade Organization: What is the Impact?   Wiley Interscience Required
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Distance and Regionalization of Trade for Low-Income Countries
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Regional Trade Agreements
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Protection Reduction and Diversion: PTAs and the Incidence of Antidumping Disputes
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